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Orzo salad

Food and DrinkSamantha WetterholmComment

THIS. Oh my goodness, you are going to want to go swimming in this orzo salad it’s so good. Or you know, you could just eat it like a non-crazy person. I LOVE PASTA SALADS, probably a little too much. Okay calm down, Samantha. 

This is a great recipe for summer. You can really put whatever you like in it like cut up salami, artichoke hearts, or your FACE. (Wow, I’m weird today) But anyway, here is a basic recipe for some awesome-sauce orzo salad with a lemon dressing and other yummy bits. Plus, it’s pretty easy to make with a baby strapped to your front and spit up down your back.

This recipe yields a pretty big bowl, but it keeps really well in the fridge (that is, if I haven’t eaten all of it already).

What you’ll need:

1 and ½ cups uncooked orzo

4 cups chicken or vegetable stock (or salted water for you boring folks)

1 cup cherry tomatoes, some halved, some quartered (whatev)

12-16 oz low moisture mozzarella (full-fat!!), cut into small cubes

1-2 cups arugula

2 lemons, zest and juice

1 shallot, finely chopped

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (or you know, regular virgin)

½ tbsp honey

Salt n’ peppa (that’s salt and pepper, if you didn’t know)

How it’s done:

Bring broth to a boil and cook orzo for 8-9 minutes with the lid slightly vented. Once done, cover the pot fully and cook another couple minutes, this gives you a creamier consistency. Strain and put in a big old bowl. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the top and toss to prevent clumps. Set aside and allow pasta to reach room temperature.

Mix the lemon juice and zest, shallots, honey, olive oil, honey, and salt and pepper in a separate bowl or container with a lid (I prefer to shake it like a polaroid picture).

In your large orzo bowl, mix in the tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella, and lemon dressing. Serve at room temp or chilled, or eat it directly from the bowl over the sink like a frat boy like I did. (Emma, do as I say, not as I do).


(Okay, I’m done now.)


The perfect bacon

Food and DrinkSamantha WetterholmComment

We are huge fans of bacon in our household. We love it for breakfast, on sandwiches, on pizza, you name it. Usually, we make bacon in large batches because it’s easier than standing over a stovetop flipping strip after strip in the frying pan. Yes, the frying pan is great for super crispy pieces, but I don’t like being assaulted by grease splatters while trying to make breakfast.

Here is our go-to recipe for making perfect bacon in the oven. For this batch we used a thick-cut, peppered bacon.

I will probably have a BLT for lunch today. Enjoy!


Three ingredient pancakes

Food and DrinkSamantha WetterholmComment

Yesterday was National Pancake Day and boy, do I love to celebrate the holidays. This recipe for pancakes is simple, healthy, and easy to whip up. I usually have eggs and bananas lying around, so this is a go-to recipe for when I’m craving pancakes without wanting the heavy feeling that regular, carbohydrate-filled pancakes usually give me.

These pancakes are filling and delicious! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.