Substance and Soul

About Substance and Soul

The Gal

I am Samantha and founder behind this little blog. I live in California with my handsome husband and our toddler girl and little baby boy. I am a serial iPhone photo-taker, Catholic Jesus lover, ice cream-inhaler, and sparkly earring enthusiast. As a dentist, I get to use phrases like, “only floss the teeth you want to keep.” My daily wardrobe includes some kind of ballet flats, sparkly earrings, lots of black, and perhaps some thrown food in my hair. Oh and in case you were wondering, I am a compulsive organizer and hand cream addict.

The Guy

He’s an accountant and avid sports connoisseur. He makes me smile when he says things like, accounts payable and the annual audit (because he thinks I know what he’s talking about). He puts up with my daily texts of “I love you” and “Gahh, she just won't nap!” We met in 2007, were married in 2011, and is my best friend. He’s my main squeeze and one swell fella. Read our love story here and about married life here.

The Girl

She popped out in April 2014. And by popped out, I mean came tap dancing into this world screaming, HELLO SAILOR! Emma is a peach and our dream come true. Thankfully she puts up with Mommy the paparazzi as my Instagram has become somewhat toddler-obsessed. I am never really sure of what I am doing in the motherhood department, but we make it work with love, laughs, and generous pours of vino. Check out all my motherhood posts for some guaranteed giggles, some hair-pulling, and some punches to the uterus.

The Tot

He came rolling onto the scene on Harry Potter's birthday in July 2016. He is the loudest baby I've ever met and enjoys the chaos in our little hive. He loves his big sister and has the best chub on the planet. He is a ray of sunshine, a fast mover, and oodles of fun. He's all over my Instagram and has been appropriately nick-named, Henry Shark.

The Blog

Here is where I document the day-to-day. This little creative outlet of mine is great for my daily brain dump. You will find lots of photos of Emma, occasionally of my food, and one too many tales of my forays into lifemotherhoodfaith, and dentistry. I write what I know, I write how I speak, and I hope you enjoy it too. So pour a (large) glass and stay a while. I am always interested in making this a community, so don't forget to comment!