Substance and Soul

Awkward and awesome

MotherhoodSamantha WetterholmComment

- Trying to explain to a one year-old the dangers of heights/climbing while she looks mischievously over her shoulders and smiles. 
- Realizing the scrubs you've been wearing have a huge hole in the butt cheek. 
- Trying to plug in a USB iPhone cord upside-down, turning it and trying again, doesn't work, turning and trying, NOPE. WHAT is there a fifth dimension or something? 
- E pulling my hair, me wincing, E laughing and pulling harder. Hilarious. 
- And that's all the awkwards I remember, thanks brain for all your hard work. 

- Emma waking up between us and softly patting my face, turning to pat Paul's face, nuzzling up by our faces, and coaxing us to greet the day. 
- Paul telling me of his boss's admiration of him and the upcoming promotion. 
- Watching Emma take in new things in his little world. I swear, I've never experienced anything so rewarding.
- Re-reading/audiobooking old favorites. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe will always be on the top of my list. 
- The candid bacon I had in my cocktail last night. I mean come on...