The anatomy of a road trip

Whewwww. WHEWIE. Whewwhoohoohoo.

On Sunday, we got home from a little two-ish week trip back and forth from SF to visit our families. Due to Paul's work schedule we couldn't stay down south for two weeks straight so we spent a lot of time in the car traveling between SF, Paul's hometown, my hometown, Disneyland, my hometown, SF, and Paul's hometown again.

Like I said, whew. I am pretty sure my back has molded to the backseat of my car. Oh the backseat you ask? Yes. I am still exiled to the backseat while little miss screams-a-lot prefers company during her waking hours.

As I am no longer riding shotgun these days during those longer car rides, it allows me the perfect opportunity for many carseat photo sessions and general road trip shenanigans.

Thankfully Emma has always been a good car sleeper and usually knocks out for a good portion of the trip but when she is not sleeping, you better believe she needs some form of entertainment. Or else...

Oh jeez that sounds intimidating.

Not so intimidating now are you? 

Motherhood at its finest my friends.

The anatomy of our road trips usually involve Emma's naps, stops for food and diaper changes, and a few "are we there yet"s. But when Emma is particularly rowdy, anything within arm's reach becomes a potential entertainment device. 

Sunglasses, baby wipes, water bottles, hair clips, wallets, fast-food straws, and the list goes on and on. 

We attempt to have some good times while we are roasting under the summer sun and the car's air conditioning barely kisses our cheeks. But that makes for some good old-fashioned sweaty fun in my book. And by fun, I mean try to survive. 

But with sweat, comes great responsibility...

...for making epic mohawks.

Side note: We also did a switch-a-roo with Emma's carseat situation. She finally hit the height limit of her infant carrier so we upgraded to one of those new fangled convertible carseats. Oo la la. 

Of course, we all need to take a stop or two for bathroom/stretch/don't lose our marbles breaks. Emma usually just gets out of the car and walks around like she owns the place no matter where we go.

I could not feed her those noodles fast enough. I swear, this girl is turning into quite the strong-willed woman. If looks could kill...

"Um, can you not?

But she can turn that frown upside-down in a nanosecond. 

It's a good thing too it's hard to stay upset when we are about to eat at an In N Out. Am I right? 

Side note #2: She has probably spent about 3% of her life in In N Outs. But that may be more a commentary about my life choices rather than hers. Although I am pretty sure her 6th and 7th words will be french and fries.

That's what a hamburger is all about, eh? 

Not that she'd know. I don't feed her burgers. What? That would be crazy. Only organic quinoa stuffed kale with free-ranged tofu and gluten-free açai Vitamix smoothies. Obviously. 

We also may or may not break our electronics for toddlers rule when it comes to screaming banshees on road trips. Only educational flash cards with state capitals and common Mandarin phrases for my kitten. 

I mean come on.

Don't look at that photo. Wait, what? How did that get there? Nothing to see here, move along folks. 

(At least Daniel Tiger is educational, right?)

Our road trips have become exceptionally more entertaining since Emma popped into our lives. She is sunshine in human form. She is as cool as a cucumber. She makes life interesting. 

What did I used to blog about?