The perfect weekend and some news

It was one of those perfect, oh so lovely, springy Spring time, weekends. T'was the kind of weekend that makes the prospect of Monday a little more dreadful. But all good they say. But I am all smiles today because we are well-rested, the sun is shining, and the munchkin has only made twelve messes today (including a bucket of milk on the floor, but c'est la vie).

If you follow me on my most favorite platform, there may be a few repeats, but the weekend was just too good not to give ya'll some deja vu.

Saturday morning was for relaxing with open windows and messy hair. I rearranged Emma's toy/book area yet again and I am liking the new layout. I think she likes it too. But I have caught her climbing onto the window sill so we might have to work on another "safety first" lesson.

We walked to the park and Emma had oodles of fun on the swings and her favorite twisty slide. Paul and I usually take the little lady on solo trips to the park so I was happy that we were able to go together for once. And I was able to take up my permanent residence on the bench and snap photos like a mom armed with a camera phone while the fun parent chased the tot around.

We decided that we did not want to cook lunch so we walked to a local burger place and I ate every bite of my burger plus all the haystack onions I could get my hands on. We then split a butterfinger shake and Emma said "ice cream" ten million times. But it sounded more like "ow crim". Potato/potahto. 

After naps (for all of us) we enjoyed more playing, even more sunshine, and all kinds of smiles from a happy and well-rested momma. We had dinner with our neighbors at a local Italian/pizza place and we watched the girls run back and forth from the arcade area and I had the best pesto ravioli of my liiiife. 

Emma reached her limit towards the end of dinner and I think we have all seen Paul's resigned face on ourselves many a time.

Oh parenthood.

Sunday morning I woke up early (on purpose, with an alarm and everything) to get in some quiet alone time and to make chocolate croissants for my clan. I ate two hehehe. We played a little before church and I cracked myself up by piling stuffed animals on her. Oh what I find amusing these days... 

After church, Emma and I watched Paul play a tennis match with his new league. He has really missed playing competitively and I did not realize how much I missed watching him Play. During a change-over, I half-whispered some advice to him and gave him a smile. A jolly old man sitting near us said, "you sure really know his game". 

That I do old man, that I do. 

Emma enjoyed cheering on her dada which was the sweetest. She also enjoyed walking around with her tennis racket in front of her face which was a big question mark but all in a toddler day.

After naps, we played some more (!!! so much playing) and then enjoyed a family dinner at a local Mexican restaurant because I simply HAD TO HAVE CHIPS AND SALSA OR ELSE (#pregnancy). Emma ate half the basket and was smiles for miles. I would have had an even bigger smile on my face if I could have had a dang margarita. (I'll see you in August old friend.)

These two make me so happy. I couldn't help but stare at them during dinner while I felt our newest member squirm in my belly (maybe the salsa woke him up). I went to bed with such a smile on my face thinking about our three- almost four-some. God has truly blessed our family. I am grateful for them each day.

And onto the news... lest you think I always ramble about weekend recaps and gush about my family.

I got a job! Weeeee!

I was offered a part-time position at a dental clinic in Oakland serving low-income children and adults. I will be working Saturdays and Mondays. While I am INCREDIBLY excited to be doing dentistry again and having some time away from home, my heart is aching at the closing of one chapter in my life. I don't know what will come of this opportunity long-term, but I am so grateful that I will still get to spend most days with Emma while also serving my patients. I start officially working with patients in a weekish so I will keep you updated.

God is so good.