Lent 2019

Good afternoon on this glorious Sunday.

Okay, let’s celebrate small victories friends. All three of my kids sat in the pew the entire time during Mass today and no one had a meltdown. Who am I kidding? This is a huge victory! At the end of Mass, our Pastor was announcing our Parish’s upcoming March events. It’s a jam-packed month in our Parish but most of all, Lent starts THIS WEEK.

Ash Wednesday 2018 - I had  just  found out I was pregnant and feeling all the things.

Ash Wednesday 2018 - I had just found out I was pregnant and feeling all the things.


Even though Lent starts fairly late this year, it still kind of snuck up on me. What about you all? The past week I’ve been praying about what my Lenten prayer, almsgiving, and fasting promises should be. My friend Beth talks about asking God to show you what He wants from you this season, so the Father did me a solid and spelled it out for me pretty specifically this year. (THANKS DAD)


I’m going to pray the Rosary every single day. I’ve gotten lax on my Rosary so far in 2019, but I’m feeling pulled to spend that time in quiet, meditative prayer and walk alongside Jesus and Mary.


I will be abstaining from sweets. Now this one is HUGE for me. If you know me on any level, you’ll know I have a giant sweet tooth. And I’m talking no ice cream, cookies, cakes, pastries, nuthin. You guys, ICE CREAM. 😩


I’m doing a variation of this one. I will be attempting to not lose my temper and not yell at my family. This is also a struggle for me. I want to be giving them MORE of my patience and MORE of myself this Lent. I need to kick my reactionary habits and be more giving of self.

Also, I’ll be journeying along with THOUSANDS of other women as we pray through the Blessed Is She Lent Devotional this year. It’s titled To the End: a story of sacrificial love. I have found the Advent and Lent devotionals transformative to my prayer and spiritual reflection life. I cannot wait to dive in and (hopefully) have my heart burst wide open with Jesus’s love.

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Tell me about what you’re doing for Lent this year. Let’s walk together!


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