36 weeks

36 weeks

The boy and I are 36 weeks TODAY and it feels like one million.

I think things are moving along because there is a lot of pressure down there and I am feeling like he’s coming around the mountain any day now.

My hilarious coworkers are taking bets on the birth date. They are playing for bragging rights apparently. (Although several have bet for AFTER the due date and I’m like, AREYOUCRAZY?)

I’m feeling bigger this time around. Just all around bigger. The belly, the baby, the everything. I was looking back at this time around for Emma and Henry and I definitely look biggerish. I don’t know, you be the judge.

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32 weeks

32 weeks

WOAH. How are we already here? It seems like just yesterday I was finding out this little one was growing inside me and now we are on the final countdown. 

I'm not going to lie, this has been a tough pregnancy. Physically, I am utterly exhausted. Emotionally, I am all over the place. While I cannot wait to meet this precious boy, I am overwhelmed at the thought of three (!!!) little lives needing me to love and nurture them. 

Currently, I am about 33 and a half weeks along and almost into the last month of this. And boy oh boy can I feel it. Mostly, this baby beats me up with ninja kicks but the exhaustion and heart burn are just oh so lovely. And by lovely, I mean terrible. 

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have most things ready for little man's arrival. And I've picked a name (still waiting on Paul's final OK). This month, although I am physically wiped, I want to focus on smothering Emma and Henry in attention and as much energy as I can muster. 

Moms with three or more kids, GIVE ME ALL THE ADVICE. Please&thanks. 

Now for what you came for, BUMPDATE PHOTOS. 

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28 weeks

28 weeks


FINALLY, a wee bit of nesting going on here. I washed baby clothes and linens. BUUUT that's about it. I know I still need to do this and that but by the time the weekend rolls around, this tired mama wants to rest. 

It will get done. Eventually. IF you feel so inclined, we have a registry over at Amazon for a few things we'll need in those early weeks.

And technically I am about 29 and a half weeks along, but alas, life happens and I couldn't post my 28 week photos last week. C'est la vie. 

On the symptoms front, it's much of the same. I have killer heart burn, insomnia, and pelvic cramping. I broke down and order a maternity girdle and we'll see how that helps with the pelvic and back support. It's en route, I'll keep you posted.

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Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry turned two today. I cried two bucket-fulls, so right on track.

Our little boy is quite a spitfire. He is the opinionated, passionate, loving, stubborn, snuggly, contemplative, and we just love him oh so much. For his birthday, I brought cupcakes for sharing to his school and we shared a family meal this evening. I am just in awe at this person he is becoming. He is going to be a fantastic big brother. 

I thank God for the gift of his life. 

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24 weeks

We are over halfway to delivery day and I am nooot readyyyyyyy. So not ready. But I have absolutely no desire to get ready either. Maybe I'll get things sorted out...eventually.

These have been an eventful few weeks. I already have Braxton Hicks contractions. ALREADY. WAHHH. (Yes, I'm whining.) Considering I had WEEKS of prodromal labor with both kids, I am not looking forward to the same this time around. And the heart burn has started. 

Pregnancy is just so beautiful. 

Lest you think I always complain (I only mostly complain.), there are some sweet things going on too. The baby has been moving a lot. Just like his sister and brother, he is an active womb mate. He seems to be a night owl so far too. Emma and Henry have been loving on their brother so much already. It is one of the most special things to witness. Emma always talks about how our family has FIVE people now and Henry likes to lift my shirt and give kisses to my belly. 

The sibling cuteness and the pregnancy hormones make me weepy. 

I definitely feel "bigger" this pregnancy compared to the first two. I think my stomach is so far stretched at this point that it is ready to be a perma-basketball shape. I don't think I've gained anymore weight than previous pregnancies at this point. In fact, I know I haven't because I am pretty sure I have had no opportunity to gain excess weight because of my hectic schedule and not eating enough in general. 

I'll try to work on that with a new box of cocoa pebbles. YUM. 

We also set up our registry on Amazon. It's just a few things because we already have a ton o' baby crap. 

24 weeks
How far along: 24.5 weeks  
Total weight gain: I don't even know my own name at this point
Maternity clothes: yes! and I bought some more maternity business slacks, hallelujah  
Stretch marks: sadly, yes  
Sleep: bizarre dreams and inconsistent sleep
Miss anything: not grunting when I pick something up off the floor    
Movement: he's a mover and shaker  
Food cravings: wine and oysters   
Aversions: smelly body odor   
Sex: un niño
Symptoms: heart burn, insomnia, fits of crying
Belly button: in? I can't see it anymore  
Wedding rings: not snug, not loose
Happy or moody: somewhere in the middle
Looking forward to: seeing the three (!!!!) kids together loving on each other 

Thanks for following along this time around. 

Emma at 25 weeks
Henry at 24 weeks