At the moment {v.3}

Friday, 10 May 2013

Drinking // Tea in one of my favorite mugs {it’s from Starbucks, I’m highly addicted}. 

Eating // Macarons from Trader Joe’s. They are actually very yummy and a wonderful treat. 


Listening // to the Great Gatsby soundtrack. I bought it on Tuesday and it’s been playing on repeat ever since. It is an amazing soundtrack! Go buy it right now. 

Loving // this Michael Kors purse. OBSESSED. {Are you reading this Paul?}

Wearing // my two favorite pieces of jewelry {besides my wedding set}. The ruby flower ring is from my late grandmother. Her birthday was in July and I was the only granddaughter with a July birthday {ruby is the July birthstone}. It is such a beautiful heirloom and every time I wear it I think of her. The simple gold band was my Godfather’s grandmother’s! It was her wedding band is inscribed with the date 8.30.14. My Godfather gave me this ring for a birthday some years ago and I treasure it dearly for the love it represents. 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!