At the moment {v.4}

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Celebrating // Seeing my first patient in dental school! Everything went very well and I’m so excited about starting the next steps of my dental education!

Wearing // Scrubs. I am assisting a 4th year dental student today and tomorrow as he takes the WREBs {Western Regional Examining Board} to get his dental license! I will be taking this {killer} exam in only two short years. Yikes!

Watching // Friends. I got all 10 seasons in a boxed set as a gift for my high school graduation and I decided to re-watch the series. :] {I’ve seen every episode at least 20 times}

Drinking // So much coffee. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I have been needing a coffee IV every morning. 

Loving // All the love and support from my readers. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy interacting with all of you and I hope that you continue to love my posts as much as I love writing them. 

Happy weekend! And congratulations to all the graduates out there!