On Spontaneity

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Today I took my second to last final for the year! I have one more final on Thursday where I will have to do a root canal treatment on an extracted molar. 

My friends and I have a tradition to go to our favorite brunch place during the last week of finals. Plow is one of the BEST brunch places {if not THE best} in the city. The food is all locally produced and the wait is usually ~2 hours on the weekend {yikes!}. We like to go on random weekdays because then the wait is only 30 minutes. 



This meal is called The Plow and it is to die for. {Those are lemon ricotta pancakes by the way, yum!}

Instead of just parting ways after brunch, my friends came back to my place and we decided to have an impromptu mimosa and mojito afternoon. 

With my busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to just blow off the afternoon and have a good time. We sat and talked and laughed and just enjoyed the spontaneity. Once we were feeling all warm and fuzzy we decided to play one of my favorite games - Bananagrams. Somehow we transitioned to a dental school version and had a lot of fun coming up with dentistry/dental school/dental inside joke words. 

See any dental words you like? 


I was blessed to celebrate the end of {almost} second year with good friends and a little spontaneity.

What do you do when spontaneity strikes?

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