On Staying Present

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I’ve been feeling really distracted lately. My mind is always wandering and I feel scattered. I have attributed these feelings to information and sensory overload. I feel like I’m constantly either bombarded by information or actively seeking it out. I have trouble sitting in one place too long without picking up my phone and scrolling mindlessly through nothing meaningful. 

This got me to thinking about staying present. I don’t just mean staying physically present, but staying actively and emotionally present in my life.


Remember how in Friends, they could just sit and talk with one another? I thought that adulthood would be filled with long conversations over coffee, gabbing about life and love {if only!}. I love this show and I have decided that I will make a stronger effort to challenge myself and focus on my goal of staying present {as a tribute to my dear Friends}. 

Here are a few things that I am going to do to accomplish this goal. 

1 // Unplug – I will focus on being okay sitting in silence, especially while commuting to school and while waiting for things.

2 // Look at my surroundings – I will be more observant of what is around me and absorb my environment. I will walk with my head up without headphones or any other distractions. 

3 // Read – I will read books. I love reading and sometimes I get stuck scrolling through Pinterest and Twitter when I could be sitting with a hot cup of tea and reading a great book. 

4 // Sit at the dinner table – {Paul and} I will set the table and focus on our meals together. We will turn off the TV and enjoy each other’s company. 

5 // Meditate – I will return to my yoga practice and meditate more frequently. I always feel so amazing when I stay consistent with my practice.

How do you stay present in a such a busy world?