PinkBlush, my new favorite dress, and a giveaway

Guys. GUYS. I have discovered the most gorgeous dress and I am pretty sure I'll be wearing it every single day from now on. 

My friends at PinkBlush sent me this incredible wrap dress and I could not wait to wear it. I was so happy wearing this dress to church on Sunday that I twirled and twirled in front of my house, almost made us late, and even Emma wanted to join in. 

I looked like a complete goof twirling in the rain but I felt so pretty that I could not help myself.

When I was telling my husband about the clothing's ease of transition from maternity to postpartum, he told me, "That's great and saves women money when they don't have to buy the whole shebang." Hahaha, yes very true honey. 

Between my mom life and my dentist life, I sometimes forget to nurture the woman in me. Thankfully, PinkBlush has reminded me that I can wear all my different hats and still maintain my sense of self. 

And now for some great news! You can too feel like a goddess in one of your own PinkBlush pieces. Head over to my Instagram to enter a giveaway with PinkBlush. 

The Best of

I used to do a links I love round up kind of post and I really enjoyed sharing some gems from around the web. Last week I was inspired to do an update/remix on that series and I came up with this one - The Best of - yay! 

I wanted to be able to share some highlights from my week, articles I've enjoyed reading, recipes I've tried, a favorite Instagram I've shared, a post from the archives, online shops that makes me swoon, a post from a friend's blog - anything! I haven't decided if this will be weekly, monthly, or whenever I feel like it - I'll see where this series takes me. I hope you enjoy looking back at the best of the web with me. 

From the archives // So I had a baby
Of course I am in baby preparation mode and I am (impatiently) waiting our son's arrival. This waiting game feels different this time around so I thought I'd re-read Emma's birth story (a million times and cry).

From Instagram // Morning hair
I had a rough day on Wednesday so we tried resetting yesterday. While her behavior was not different, my attitude was and it helped.

From the web // Daniel Tiger helps develop emotional and social skills
Whew! Now I don't feel so guilty about all that Netflix watching (wink wink, nudge nudge). Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood has been one of Emma's favorites since she started caring about TV. A recent study has shown that the children who watch the show exhibit higher levels of empathy, self efficacy, and the ability to recognize emotions. Pretty sweet.

A recipe // 8 Classic Overnight Oats recipes
I've done it. I have found the holy grail of overnight oats recipes. I've had the classic recipe about five times since I discovered this recipe and I am seriously in love. I think I'll be relying on this and the other variations when baby boy comes. YUM.

A shop // Earth and Mirth Shop
These wooden and knit baby items are making me so happy. I want to order a rattle and a teether (and a bonnet and everything). I can't wait for my baby boy to have one. 

From a blog // On the morality of choosing to be a working mom by Whole Parenting Family
My friend Nell is always writing the best pieces, I swear. This one really hit home for me though. Now that I been at school full-time, been home full-time, and now, been working part-time as a mom, I have had a full spectrum of emotions about being being a working mom. Right now I am at piece with our family's decision. Nell really nails it when she said that working is not a morality issue and I am equally crazed when people say it is.

I hope you have enjoyed this best of round up. Happy Friday!