Substance and Soul

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you choose to enter dentistry?

I feel in love with dentistry when I was quite young — around eight years-old. I was always fascinated by my pediatric dentist and my orthodontist and what they did during each appointment. I loved asking questions and I was awed by the artistry of it. My interest in dentistry has only grown since then and I focused all my studies and school activities towards that goal. I graduated in 2015 and currently work full-time for a community health dental clinic serving low-income and underserved patients. 

2. How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging back in college as a way to keep my family posted on my day to day life. Since then, it has evolved into so much more. I use blogging as a creative outlet, a way to curate my passions, a way to share my life and to document my memories, and as a way to stay connected to those I love and to all my new blog friends. I also write devotionals over at Blessed Is She

3. How do I get into dental school? 

My answer to this questions is always this — follow your passion no matter what. But on the more practical side, I wrote this post about How To Get Into Grad School a while back with some general information. For any further questions, please Tweet or Email me! You can also look at my archives about life in dental school and be sure to check out all of my dentistry posts.

4. What type of photo editing software do you use? 

I use Pixelmator for Mac to edit my photos. I also use various iPhone photo editing apps, mostly VSCO. I take all of my own photos unless noted. 

5. What kind of social media do you use and how can I comment?

You can find me on TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Bloglovin. I check each one every day so you can always reach me. And I always love getting your comments! Just click the comment link under the blog post title. You can also reach me through email at

6. How did you meet your husband?

My husband and I met by chance back in my first semester of college. I was a wide-eyed Freshman and he was a hot shot Junior and tennis star. A mutual friend introduced us at an 18-and-over college night and I was very smitten. We started off just talking then moved to dating then made it more serious. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my partner. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I thank God for him every day. I wrote a post about it here and be sure to check out my marriage tag.

7. How do you balance motherhood, marriage, and dentistry? 

Well that one is always a work in progress! But I am enjoying the journey. I guess this blog has turned into exactly that - a motherhood/marriage/dental blog. Funny how that works. At this point in my life I prefer to blog in real time and if you have any specific post request, be sure to shoot me an email or comment on a post. I am also open to collaboration and I enjoy connecting with all my readers and those in the blogging and Instagram community.