And here we go!

Today I officially started my Health and Wellness kick of 2013! Yay!


For me, this will be about all-around physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness and I’m very excited. It’s going to be tough because usually I like to relax after a long day but I’m hoping that through exercise and activity, I will gain even more energy!

H&W 2013:

  • Activity 3-4 times per week including running, weights and strength training, and yoga. [If I keep this up through the end of January, I will reward myself with a premium gym membership so I can do group fitness classes (zumba, spinning, yoga, etc. YAY)]
  • Add more fruits and vegetables into my diet
  • Let the little things go and learn to be more patient
  • Spend more quality time with Paul
  • Learn Italian

Today I went to the gym and did full body strength training/weights. My legs are shaky and wobbly but I feel great. Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be nice and sore.

I hope to blog about my progress as the year continues.