Last few days of winter vacation.

Paul and I came back to SF on Sunday after a great two-week vacation. We relaxed and recharged in Miami then spent some quality time with our families for the holidays. 

I have been studying for my Board exam throughout vacation and now that I’m home I’ve been able to get in some quality study time. Unfortunately, I’m sick with a head/chest cold which makes it hard to fully concentrate. However, even though it’s hard to concentrate the whole day, I feel like I’ve made some major progress in my studying. I’m going to go over more of my Dental Decks and take a couple practice tests within the next week or so. My National Board Dental Examination part 1 is on January 19th so keep me in your thoughts. 

My goals for after my exam include: learn Italian (from my awesome new Rosetta Stone software), focus on detoxing and eating a little cleaner, maintain a normal exercise routine that includes running and resistance training. 

School starts again on Monday.

Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy! :] 


South Beach, FL


Sunset in South Beach, FL


The Everglades


Sparrow the dog with her Aunt Samantha and Uncle Paul


Christmas Eve 

Have a wonderful 2013 one and all!