One year ago...

Today the first year Dental students (D1s) started their orientation and it got me to thinking…

One year ago I was sitting in a big lecture hall, absorbing the magnitude of that moment. I was finally in Dental School. I had started my professional career. All of my hard work in college and high school had (finally) paid off and I was where I was supposed to be. 

Next week I will be starting my second year (D2) of Dental School at UCSF.
I have learned so much. I have met amazing and inspiring people. I have been surrounded by this amazing profession full of innovation, technology, and patient-centered care.

But really, nothing has changed. I still feel like that wide-eyed girl who walked onto campus one year ago. I feel like I have my future in front of me. I feel like I can learn anything, do anything, and be anything. THIS is the feeling that people dream about and I am so immensely fortunate. 

Here’s to another amazing and fulfilling year.