Recovery and recharge

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I did pretty vigorous workouts. I was feeling that awesome post-workout soreness after those workouts. But Tuesday morning I woke up feeling more than normal post-workout soreness; I was feeling painfully achy. 

I had a mini-battle in my head abut doing a Tuesday workout - I started to feel guilty and tried to convince myself that I should just power through. But I listened to my body, which was telling me to take a day off to recover. I did some light stretches and today I felt very energized and ready to kick butt during my Wednesday workout. 

I did an hour-long GAIN Fitness workout and I cannot believe how great I feel. I am glad that I listened to my body and took a recovery day because I was able to get the most out of my workout today. 

I have been finding more and more fitness blogs to follow and I feel really passionate about continuing my health and wellness journey. Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging and inspirational, especially to the blogs I’ve recently started following.