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36 weeks

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The boy and I are 36 weeks TODAY and it feels like one million.

I think things are moving along because there is a lot of pressure down there and I am feeling like he’s coming around the mountain any day now.

My hilarious coworkers are taking bets on the birth date. They are playing for bragging rights apparently. (Although several have bet for AFTER the due date and I’m like, AREYOUCRAZY?)

I’m feeling bigger this time around. Just all around bigger. The belly, the baby, the everything. I was looking back at this time around for Emma and Henry and I definitely look biggerish. I don’t know, you be the judge.

So, what do you think?

I’m still working full-time and the sadistic part of me likes seeing some of my patients’ eyes bulge out of their heads when I come waddling in. But mostly, it is very exhausting and tiring trying to work with this huge basketball in the way. The contractions while I’m doing injections isn’t so fun either. But I am trying to work up until I pop because I want to take my leave for when little man is in my arms and not much before.

I think Emma and Henry subconsciously know that delivery date is imminent because they have been particularly needy and clingy.

While taking my belly photos, Paul managed to capture one when little boy kicked me particularly hard. He is great at kicking me right in the essential organs.

Paul and I have picked a name and we are so excited. But we haven’t shared with anyone and we aren’t gunna, ya dig?

Now for more photos! (This may be my last batch of ‘em so enjoy!)

36 weeks
How far along: 36 weeks  
Total weight gain: I avert my eyes when I step on the scale at the OB/GYN’s office
Maternity clothes: I pretty much live in one pair of pants and a few shirts  
Stretch marks: Some south of the belly button  
Sleep: In spurts, you know, between the peeing and heart burn
Miss anything: WINE, I whine about it   
Movement: he’s a maniac, MANIAC 
Food cravings: ice cream and ice water     
Aversions: healthy food     
Sex: oh boy
Symptoms: utter exhaustion and impatience 
Belly button: popped out a while ago
Wedding rings: seem okay
Happy or moody: YES
Looking forward to: looking at this boy’s face  

Emma at 35 weeks
Henry at 36 weeks


32 weeks

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WOAH. How are we already here? It seems like just yesterday I was finding out this little one was growing inside me and now we are on the final countdown. 

I'm not going to lie, this has been a tough pregnancy. Physically, I am utterly exhausted. Emotionally, I am all over the place. While I cannot wait to meet this precious boy, I am overwhelmed at the thought of three (!!!) little lives needing me to love and nurture them. 

Currently, I am about 33 and a half weeks along and almost into the last month of this. And boy oh boy can I feel it. Mostly, this baby beats me up with ninja kicks but the exhaustion and heart burn are just oh so lovely. And by lovely, I mean terrible. 

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have most things ready for little man's arrival. And I've picked a name (still waiting on Paul's final OK). This month, although I am physically wiped, I want to focus on smothering Emma and Henry in attention and as much energy as I can muster. 

Moms with three or more kids, GIVE ME ALL THE ADVICE. Please&thanks. 

Now for what you came for, BUMPDATE PHOTOS. 

32 weeks
How far along: 32.5 weeks  
Total weight gain: a good amount in insulation and another good amount in bloating
Maternity clothes: I'm working with only a few usable pieces at this point  
Stretch marks: I can't even see past my belly anyway  
Sleep: HAHAHAHAHAHA, what's that? 
Miss anything: the ability to walk without huffing and puffing   
Movement: N.O.N.S.T.O.P. 
Food cravings: fountain soda with a whole lot of ice    
Aversions: prying questions     
Sex: boy!
Symptoms: heart burn, insomnia, and pelvic exhaustion
Belly button: full on outie   
Wedding rings: still on, just a bit snug  
Happy or moody: both ends of that spectrum if you get me
Looking forward to: holding him in my arms 

Emma at 32 weeks
Henry at 32 weeks