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How I read the Bible in a year

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Yesterday, I posted to Instagram that I had finished my plan to read the Holy Bible in one year. And wow! what a response. It sounds like there are quiet a few folks who would like to know the plan I used and how it all came about, so blog post it is!

A year ago, I felt it set on my heart to sit down with the Word every day and read the Bible in a year. I had tried multiple times to sit down and just start, each time failing at Genesis chapter 4 (or something close to it). It felt daunting to sit and read and sift through thousands and thousands of passages on my own. 

So I turned to my BFF, Google. I searched "Catholic Bible in a year" and a few posts popped up. I sifted through a few plans and settled on one and off I went. As a type-A, plan-obsessed person, I responded to having a well-thought out plan with concrete passages to read. It was usually just a few chapters per day and much more digestible than other plans I came across. See, I didn't just want to skim or gloss through the Word. I wanted to truly read and understand and learn and be challenged.

I can say that after a year, I have a new appreciation for theologians and experts on scripture. While I certainly did not understand everything I read and I am sure most of the historical details were lost on me, I have greatly deepened my faith in unexpected and phenomenal ways. I am going to do this plan again on January 1st of next year. 

Here's how to do it. 

Get yourself a Bible.

I used a Catholic Bible -- complete with all the Books of the Bible and read the NAB version. I referred to a study Bible on occasion for some New Testament passages.

Get yourself some supplies.

A while back, I co-wrote a post for Blessed Is She detailing some great supplies for Catholic Bible Journaling. We talked about everything from pens to highlighters and washi tape to stickers and labels. When I first got my Blessed Is She Journaling Bible, I tabbed all the books for easy reference. Mostly, I used my favorite highlighters and some gel pens for my notes and post-its to keep track of where I left off.

Get a plan in place. 

I found this plan when I stumbled upon this great blog post. Meg outlines three passages to read per day while going chronologically through the Bible. She also created a historical timeline of the Books to help orient you on when you are, historically speaking. 

Give yourself some grace. 

Did I read every single day? No. Did I have to catch up on occasion to stay on target? Yes. But I gave myself room to fall and get back up again. There were seasons during this last year that shook my faith and times where I was too tired and sick (first trimester morning sickness, yuck). But, His Word was always there waiting for me -- with open arms too. There are times when the passages dragged and there were times where I could not get enough. But each time, I knew that what I was doing was important and that He would speak to me in that moment, through His Word, every time. 

What about you? Have you ever sat down to read the entire Bible? How was it for you?

In Him, through her. 

Wish list and a registry

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I haven't done one of these in a loooong while. But, when the inspiration strikes...WISH LIST!
I have been dreaming about these products for quite some time now and as a mom-to-be times THREE, I figured I'd just put it out there. 

Wish list.png

This dreamy diaper bag, swoon. I have had my other Lily Jade bag since 2015 and it has been one of my most well used and well loved bags I've ever owned (and I own a lot of handbags).

My number one wish list item (combo) is an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. I cannot tell you how long I've been eyeing this combo. I use my iPad air 2 (many generations ago by now) every single day, and I am eager for an upgrade. Le sigh... 

This water bottle has everything I could want - a wide spout, insulation to keep my water cold, and a darling design, what's more to love? I'm thirsty all the time these days (#pregnant) and when this baby comes earth side I'll be nursing around the clock so water is my BFF. 

Speaking of breastfeeding, when I head back to work, I'll be needing the best equipment for pumping. This breast pump is quite a step up from my old one I used for Emma and Henry. I will be working full-time when I go back to work and need to keep up my supply to feed my little one. 

And speaking of my little one, I have started a new Amazon Baby Registry for a few items we either need or need more of. By this time, I know exactly what a newborn needs and fancy baby clothes isn't one of them. 

Now, I'll be getting back to my Saturday of family snuggles and dreaming about this wish list. SWOON. 

20 weeks and an announcement

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I won't lie to you.

This pregnancy has not been all rainbows and sunshine. It's taken a toll on my body and on my emotional health. BUT! I have been feeling pretty wonderful this past week. I forgot how wonderful the second trimester can feel.

I have energy, my heart burn is not 24/7, I can still see my toes, and I can put my own shoes on (like a champ). During this time last round (in utero Henry) I was still recovering from my appendectomy and my abdomen hurt all the time.

I also don't know how smart it is of me to document all these symptoms because I am pretty sure that evolutionarily speaking, we are supposed to forget the harder parts of pregnancy/delivery/post-partum life. 

That's why you always hear women say, "oh pregnancy is a magical time!" It's because she forgot about the peeing in her pants, the heart burn, the insomnia, the sore breasts, and healing from someone walking out of her body like they own the place. 


Today I am 21 weeks and I was somehow able to take some photos of the bump last week between all the craziness of our schedule. AND I also found out what we are having.

20 weeks
How far along: today, 21 weeks on the button  
Total weight gain: I have absolutely no idea
Maternity clothes: YASSS, CAN I GET AN AMEN!? 
Stretch marks: a few little buggers  
Sleep: mostly normal, interrupted by my ex utero babies
Miss anything: my bffl wine   
Movement: yes, lots of movement at night
Food cravings: ice cream  
Aversions: smells  
Sex: keep scrolling to find out!  
Symptoms: nesting, motivation, and early rising  
Belly button: innie
Wedding rings: still loose
Happy or moody: mostly happy, yay! 
Looking forward to: starting a new registry  

And drum roll please.

Baby Wetterholm number three is a...

Emma was a wee bit disappointed by the news but she is coming around to the idea because she does love being queen of the castle. Paul is ecstatic. Henry only cared about the balloons.

I do that yucky glucose screening in a few weeks and I'll give you a bumpdate around then.

Happy Bump Day! (Get it? Instead of hump day. You still there?) 

Emma at 5 months
Henry at 20 weeks