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28 weeks

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FINALLY, a wee bit of nesting going on here. I washed baby clothes and linens. BUUUT that's about it. I know I still need to do this and that but by the time the weekend rolls around, this tired mama wants to rest. 

It will get done. Eventually. IF you feel so inclined, we have a registry over at Amazon for a few things we'll need in those early weeks.

And technically I am about 29 and a half weeks along, but alas, life happens and I couldn't post my 28 week photos last week. C'est la vie. 

On the symptoms front, it's much of the same. I have killer heart burn, insomnia, and pelvic cramping. I broke down and order a maternity girdle and we'll see how that helps with the pelvic and back support. It's en route, I'll keep you posted.

Paul and I have been playing around with name combos. We have a few top contenders, but we won't truly pick until after little man is born. Any who, the reason you're all here...BUMPDATE PICTURES.

28 weeks
How far along: 29.5 weeks  
Total weight gain: some amount mostly in the middle
Maternity clothes: a couple pairs of pants that are getting quite the workout   
Stretch marks: um, do you mean tiger stripes?   
Sleep: waking up too many times throughout the night
Miss anything: wine, all the wine     
Movement: non-stop rolling and kicking   
Food cravings: breakfast cereal and ice cream and ice cold coke    
Aversions: smelly breath    
Sex: oh boy
Symptoms: pelvic and back aches
Belly button: starting to peek out   
Wedding rings: took off the engagement ring, but still wearing the wedding band
Happy or moody: too tired to notice my mood, ya feel me? 
Looking forward to: settling on a name

Thanks for letting me whine at you. Also, send ice cream. 

Emma at 28 weeks 
Henry at 28 weeks


Happy Birthday Henry!

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Henry turned two today. I cried two bucket-fulls, so right on track.

Our little boy is quite a spitfire. He is the opinionated, passionate, loving, stubborn, snuggly, contemplative, and we just love him oh so much. For his birthday, I brought cupcakes for sharing to his school and we shared a family meal this evening. I am just in awe at this person he is becoming. He is going to be a fantastic big brother. 

I thank God for the gift of his life. 

Happy birthday little Harry Potter baby! We love you. 

And for a walk down memory lane, here is Henry at one year and Henry's birth story too. 

How I've set up my Blessed Is She Planner

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If you know anything about me, you know I love planners, stationery, journaling, and lettering. This year, Blessed Is She released its unique Liturgical planner in the regular size (8x10 in) AND in a mini size (6.25x8.25 in)! I ordered the mini this year and I could not be more pleased with it. I stalked my postman for days waiting for its arrival and I have finally set up the first pages, ready to start using it on August 1st! My sweet friend Bobbi wrote a post about how she set up hers too! (And where to get awesome planner products. Check her post out here.) 

I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I've done so far. My favorite ways to decorate my planner are with stickers, washi tape, and pens. Let's take a peek.


I'm living for this inner pocket. I've slipped several prayer cards in there. I also like to add a symbol key into my planner that I can flip in and out as needed. 


A little washi tape here and there adds sweet personal touches. 


The prayer section is such a special part of this planner. Do you see your favorite prayer here? I absolutely adore the mysteries of the rosary page. 


My favorite stickers to use are the planner stickers by Create 365. 


Other ways I've personalized my planner -- I made a snap-in planner page marker out of a piece of plastic and decorated it with washi tape. Also, I added a pen loop to inside of the back cover to keep my favorite pen handy. 


Not only is this planner beautiful, but it is practical, spiritual, and inspiring too. Each week contains a scripture verse to meditate on and each month has a quote from a Saint to inspire. Blessed Is She has completely shaped my spiritual life and by combining a planner with the liturgical calendar, never have I been more spiritually focused in my day-to-day life. 

Have you picked yours up yet?