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We bought a house!

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Well clearly, I am on top of updating the blog these days. *eye roll behind my head*

But if you follow along on Instagram, you'll know that we bought a home and I am still in disbelief. We have been moved in for a month and we are mostly settled in. This is mostly because I am a type-A control freak and had to unpack and organize the minute we moved in and did not stop until it was done. We are so happy. 

There is an interesting story to how we went from renting one month to buying a house the next, but I'll save that for another time. 

Right now, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas in our own home. I hope I remembered to send a change of address card to Santa... 


Family conversations

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While changing Henry's diaper.
Paul: Hey momma, Emma put diaper cream on Henry's butt.
Emma: Yeah!
Paul: Maybe this can be your job from now on Emma.

After Emma threw a rosary at Henry.
Samantha: Emma, we do NOT throw Jesus.


After a long day when I was tapped out.
Samantha: Eating a bowl of cereal and a glass of rosé.
Paul: HOW can you have milk and wine together.
Samantha: Spoon to mouth. Like this.

Emma: When I grow up, I want to be a mommy. 


While reading my Bible in bed one evening.
Emma: runs and grabs her own Bible and sits down next to me
Emma: Dear Jesus, help Jesus. Come to our home. Thank you for our blessings. Don't worry Jesus, I'm right here. 

After I sprained my foot and was elevating it in bed.
Emma: Are you okay momma? Don't worry, I'm always here. I'm going to close your door so you can have some quiet time. Tell me if you need anything. Shuts the door. 

Something crashes in another room.
Emma yelling from the other room: I'm not doing bad things!


Henry crying.
Emma: I didn't hit him. Or head butt him. Or kick him.

Getting ready for a Labor Day BBQ. 
Emma: I want to wear a dress to the party.
Samantha: I want to wear one too. Should daddy wear one? What about Henry?
Emma: No momma. Henry doesn't have any dresses, he's too small. And daddy is too tall!
Emma: Just me, because I'm a big girl.

Emma noticing that our bed was not made.
Emma: Oh my goodness daddy! You didn't make your bed! 


While leaving the shopping center parking lot.


Busy season

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(With a video!) 

Things are busy 'round here. BUSY. Busaaaay. B to the U to the okay I'll stop.

We are in the throws of a busy season of our lives. It's hectic. It's stressful. It's perfectly wonderful. It sucks. It's the best. It's every emotion. It's draining and fulfilling all rolled up in one busy package.

I'm thinking I will do a huge brain dump post soon (ish) but until then you can keep following along on Instagram

But I'll leave you with this giggle. I've watched it ten zillion times and I crack up every time.

Happy Wednesday! 

Henry's first day of pre-school

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And a new class for Emma!

Henry started pre-school today. He's in a class of one to two year-olds and he looks oh so tiny compared to those giant 18 month-olds. He was crying at drop off but his new teachers said he had a great day and I'm sobbing thinking about my two TODDLERS. 

*Insert sobbing emoji here.*

Emma showed him the ropes and Paul and I are looking forward to ONE drop-off and ONE pick-up. WOOT!


(See Emma's first day at the same pre-school last year here.) 


Henry at one year

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One year ago, at 7:27 pm you sprang forth (<-- ew) earth side and our lives have been forever changed. This has been a year of new adventures and growth of love and gray hairs.

You are such a special little boy -- full of life and energy and sass and laughs and screams and smiles.

He's walking, he's talking (mama, dada, and screaming a lot), and getting into everything. He's already a climber and brings more chaos than I thought was possible for someone so small. But he's the sweetest snuggler. 

What a blessing this boy has been in our lives. I cannot always believe we have these two beautiful children, but there you have it.

Let's look back at this past year shall we...

Happy birthday my sweet boy.