I have realized that my weekly planner posts have somewhat turned into weekly updates/seven quick takes. Although, you know me, nothing I write is quick as I can be quite wordy. But, mama is stuck in her over-use of adjectives adverbs way.

On to it!

1) Last Monday was Labor Day and Paul and I both had work off. We spent the day lounging and playing then we slipped away to dinner. We went to this mall that is about 30 minutes away from us just for a change of scenery and they had a lego store AND a Nordstrom . You know what that means…

…we made some purchases at the lego store and Nordstrom. I’m nothing if not predictable. I used to go to Nordstrom a lot in college and dental school and oh how I’ve missed it. But my wallet has not.

2) Any who, we had another busy week even though it was a short one. I went up a level in my adult ballet class, I am now officially in the beginner class and not the introduction class. I feel myself becoming stronger and more graceful. It is one of the highlights of my week for sure.

3) Emma started her pre-ballet class for five year-olds Saturday. She was so excited to start and I am excited that her tights, leotard, and ballet slippers still fit because she definitely had a growth spurt this summer. Emma also started faith formation for the first time today and she was nervous but I am grateful for our parish’s faith formation program. I cannot wait for the kids to know the Lord and the church more fully as they grow.

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Theo at eleven months

Theo at eleven months

Theophilus is eleven months old!

Theo turned eleven months old a couple of days ago and that made me realize I HAVE LESS THAN A MONTH TO PLAN HIS BIRTHDAY PARTY…

…which will mostly consist of costco foods and drinks and people over at the house. I know, we are party animals.

Well, this was an eventful month. Theo has discovered that if he screams, he can get what he wants. He found that out before we did because we kept responding with hugs and kisses and ARE YOU OKAYs, but we’ve got his number. We’ve figured him out. Sneaky little thing.

Actually, he is not so little. He is a giant by baby standards. Well by my standards. He has huge feet and I am going to need to buy him SIZE 5 shoes soon. He is also fully into 12 month clothing and even then, the tee shirts are like crop tops.

He is also adventurous and truthfully, fearless. He’s going to make me nervous than the other two combined, and they are pretty wild too. He’s the play in the toilet, eat rocks, try to escape the house kind of kid.

He cut a couple more teeth this week and that means we didn’t sleep much this week. I think we’re going to try to transition him to one long nap per day instead of two, so wish us luck. Well, wish our amazing luck.

Theo is always on the move, always has a huge smile, and will always find ways to get into trouble. Happy eleven months baby boy.

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Hi September!

Hi September!

Happy September the first, I hope your trunks are packed as you head to the Hogwarts express. Or if you’re not en route to Hogwarts, happy regular first day of September. But today is fun because I’m going to show you my Sept monthly spread and last week’s and this week’s spreads and here are some seven “quick” takes.

1) Okay listen, last Sunday, I was typing out a very lengthy seven quick takes/planner week 35 post and DUH DUH DUH something happened with my computer and/or the inter webs and I lost the post. I was so frustrated that I slammed the lid of my laptop shut and sulked like a giant baby.

I’m over it. Clearly.

But as there is no use crying over spilled milk (regular milk, not breast milk because you should cry over that) and no use in crying over lost blog posts, here I am with a new post that will hopefully get to your eyeballs.

(I’ll just periodically save this post just in case.)

2) Last week was insanely busy, in fact, I had a seven day work-week. (Lest you think, I’m a big whiner… dentists typically/traditionally have a four day or fewer work-week because of the high burnout potential. It’s a very physical profession. If you didn’t know that, maybe I’ll punch out a day in the life of a public health dentist post soon. Would anyone want to read that? But, I took an all-day continuing education course last Sunday, had my normal five days, which in and of itself is a lot, then had to go into work yesterday because a doctor called in sick last minute and all of my other doctors were not available.)

WHEW. But I’m going to try to relax today. That is after I corral my kids during mass which truthfully is a work out let me tell ya. And now you probably think all I do is complain so let’s get to the good stuff!

3) I have been looking forward to September since last September because this month is the Blessed Is She writer’s retreat! It’s one of my fav weekends of my year. It’s insanely restorative and life-giving and I just love my girls and Jesus. Last year I was a million weeks pregnant and apparently, you’re not allowed to fly if you have a baby near crowning so I missed the retreat and was super bummed about it. I have high FOMO.

But I am gearing up to travel to the writer’s retreat and I’m going to be giving so many hugs.

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Emma started kindergarten today!

I’m still crying. I’ll probably still be crying tomorrow. And this whole week. If you need me, look for the tissue delivery truck and follow it.

We have been talking about her start day (<— today!!) this whole summer and a lot this past week. She had a few breakdowns thinking about it because she said she was nervous. But yesterday and this morning she was much more excited.

She picked out her backpack and matching lunch box and selected her first day of school dress. She wore press on earrings and cherry chapstick and she was ready to take on the world.

Emma humored me with a photo session this morning and she is just phenomenal and I love her so much.

During drop off, she was glued to my leg and teared up a bit while we were settling her into her classroom, but as we peered in, she was loosening up and attentively paying attention to her teacher. I am so proud of her. I went to the PTSA welcome breakfast and cried some more while the principal and president of the PTSA told us of what to expect this year and how we can get involved. IMMA SIGN UP FOR EVERYTHING.

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Planner | Week 34 and other things

Planner | Week 34 and other things

Happy Sunday friends.

The Wetterholm clan is recovering from some kind of stomach bug so that’s been fun. And so terrible. But we are all on the mend thankfully and good thing too because Emma starts kindergarten tomorrow.

For this week’s planner spread in my Blessed Is She liturgical planner, I wanted to do an ode to the end of summer and the start of school. I threw in a bunch of inspirational quotes which I sense I am going to need because I’m already emotional at this next milestone.

But here is what has been going on this week.

1. Like I said, everyone has been sick, except Paul somehow. He has an immune system like a robot. Wednesday night, our sweet Theo started vomiting and having diarrhea. I took him to the doctor on Thursday and she diagnosed a bad stomach virus. On Friday evening, just as we were planning to go out to dinner for my mom’s birthday, then Henry started throwing up. Then Emma threw up over night. And I was sick all day yesterday. But thankfully, the symptoms have let up for all of us today but we are still in recovery mode. And Theo has had MANY, MANY dirty diapers so that now we just let him waddle around naked.

2. Work has been busy and challenging. There are some administrative and staff challenges that can cause stress but I am trying not to take it home with me.

3. Emma starts Kindergarten tomorrow! We have her teacher assignment and we have heard great things about her. I’m so excited for her and nervous all at the same time. We bought her new backpack and lunch box and my momma heart is bursting.

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