Happy Christmas recap

Happy Christmas recap

Time for a Christmas recap, I know how much everyone looves those. ;] We are currently enjoying some family time at my parents’ house and soaking in these Christmastide days.

On Friday afternoon, we left our home in Alameda en route to my husband’s family. The drive took about two hours longer than it normally takes us so we had to take quite a few stops. Oh holiday traffic. But everyone survived and Henry only shrieked for a portion of the drive and Theo only had one up the back blow-out. Silver linings for the win.

Saturday and Sunday, we spent time with my husband’s family with lots of time for the cousins to play. We got together with Paul’s best friend and his wife and then my best friend from dental school and her family. Even though we can relatively keep up with friends and family with technology, it is so wonderful and joyous to see people in person and love on them.

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Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry turned two today. I cried two bucket-fulls, so right on track.

Our little boy is quite a spitfire. He is the opinionated, passionate, loving, stubborn, snuggly, contemplative, and we just love him oh so much. For his birthday, I brought cupcakes for sharing to his school and we shared a family meal this evening. I am just in awe at this person he is becoming. He is going to be a fantastic big brother. 

I thank God for the gift of his life. 

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Welcome to the Church, Henry

One month ago, we welcomed our sweet Henry Gabriel into the Catholic Church. Our families and friends surrounded us with love. 

My own Godfather honored us by being Henry's Godfather too and my sister, Mariah is Henry's AND Emma's Godmother.

Welcome Henry!

Throwback to Emma's Baptism.


Happy Birthday Paul

Yesterday, Paul turned 30 years old! It was a day of celebration. I had his favorite cakes sent to his work and we celebrated with some friends at one of his favorite restaurants. I am grateful for the gift that is his life. He is kind, generous, silly, loving, devoted, sexy, stubborn, passionate, committed, and completely wonderful. 

Happy 30 years of you. 

Oh Christmas tree

We did not really hold out in the Christmas decorating department. I try to wait until after Thanksgiving, but alas, I did not make it. OH WELL. (No regrets.) 

But even though it was a bit premature, it was oh so special. We put on Christmas music, unpacked the decoration boxes, and got to it. Emma put the first ornament on the tree and enjoyed every second of our day. Sundays have become our special family time and this was one for the books. Henry put the angel on the tree and somehow got glitter stuck to his head.

We have been spending our evenings by the tree, reading Christmas books, and slowing down. Advent is such a special time of year and I will be using this season to reset and rest.

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas.