Theo at one year | Happy Birthday!

Theo at one year | Happy Birthday!

Mr. Theophilus is one year old today!

Hold me.

He is fearless, sassy, loving, and joyful. I’m not going to lie. When I found out I was pregnant with Theo, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of three (!!!) children. But now that he has been earth side for this past year, I am convinced that he was always meant to be ours. He is a balm to my anxious heart. And I am completely in love with this boy.

Our Theo has four teeth, is a walking champion, loves to eat, and dances to any and all music.

He loves to play with Emma and Henry and always wants to be part of the action. He takes excellent naps but we are still working on the through the night sleeping. He will be starting at the same pre-school/daycare that Henry is at now in a week and we’ll be saying goodbye to our phenomenal nanny. But I am looking forward to only one morning drop-off for the boys.

Never did I picture myself with three children. I always knew I wanted children, but my love of dentistry was so deeply ingrained that I never pictured the family life sides of things. And now that I am over five years into parenthood, I know that this is what I’ve been put on this earth to do.

To love my husband, to raise these children, and try to get us all to heaven.

I am grateful that I was entrusted to raise them. Emma, Henry, and Theophilus are my heart walking around outside my body. And on this day of celebration, I am reminded again of how deeply I love them and how much I’ve been gifted in motherhood.

God bless you sweet Theophilus Sebastian on your first birthday. We love you!

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Theo at eleven months

Theo at eleven months

Theophilus is eleven months old!

Theo turned eleven months old a couple of days ago and that made me realize I HAVE LESS THAN A MONTH TO PLAN HIS BIRTHDAY PARTY…

…which will mostly consist of costco foods and drinks and people over at the house. I know, we are party animals.

Well, this was an eventful month. Theo has discovered that if he screams, he can get what he wants. He found that out before we did because we kept responding with hugs and kisses and ARE YOU OKAYs, but we’ve got his number. We’ve figured him out. Sneaky little thing.

Actually, he is not so little. He is a giant by baby standards. Well by my standards. He has huge feet and I am going to need to buy him SIZE 5 shoes soon. He is also fully into 12 month clothing and even then, the tee shirts are like crop tops.

He is also adventurous and truthfully, fearless. He’s going to make me nervous than the other two combined, and they are pretty wild too. He’s the play in the toilet, eat rocks, try to escape the house kind of kid.

He cut a couple more teeth this week and that means we didn’t sleep much this week. I think we’re going to try to transition him to one long nap per day instead of two, so wish us luck. Well, wish our amazing luck.

Theo is always on the move, always has a huge smile, and will always find ways to get into trouble. Happy eleven months baby boy.

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Emma started kindergarten today!

I’m still crying. I’ll probably still be crying tomorrow. And this whole week. If you need me, look for the tissue delivery truck and follow it.

We have been talking about her start day (<— today!!) this whole summer and a lot this past week. She had a few breakdowns thinking about it because she said she was nervous. But yesterday and this morning she was much more excited.

She picked out her backpack and matching lunch box and selected her first day of school dress. She wore press on earrings and cherry chapstick and she was ready to take on the world.

Emma humored me with a photo session this morning and she is just phenomenal and I love her so much.

During drop off, she was glued to my leg and teared up a bit while we were settling her into her classroom, but as we peered in, she was loosening up and attentively paying attention to her teacher. I am so proud of her. I went to the PTSA welcome breakfast and cried some more while the principal and president of the PTSA told us of what to expect this year and how we can get involved. IMMA SIGN UP FOR EVERYTHING.

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Theo at ten months

Theo at ten months

Theo is ten months old today. Hold me until the crying stops. My crying, not his.

Welp, we have a full-blown walker. This past couple of weeks, he’s been really moving. At first, it was just a few steps, but now he’s doing his baby waddle all over the house. It’s adorable and exhausting in equal measure. Especially because he wants to waddle right out the door.

Theo is an excellent eater. I’m digging it. He especially loves experimenting with different textures. We’re like totally into homemade purees and grass fed vegetable non-GMO air…JUST KIDDING…Gerber makes these mix-in baby foods and puffs and we’re into it. 😎

He is completely enamored by his big sister and brother. He wants to play with them and do exactly what they are doing at all times. He currently does not mind being a punching bag to Henry or a doll to Emma. I don’t think it will last long though. He’s going to start fighting back soon. Watch out E and H.

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