Emma's Preschool Graduation

Emma's Preschool Graduation

Before having children, I used to think that preschool graduations were silly and unnecessary. Now that I have children, I’m like GIVE ME ALL THE ADORABLE KIDS IN CAPS AND GOWNS AND GIVE THEM TO ME NOW. Emma’s preschool graduation was yesterday afternoon and it was adorable, heart-warming, and moving. My sweet baby girl is heading to kindergarten soon and I am a ball of mushy emotions.

Emma carried the American flag during the processional and helped lead the pledge of allegiance. Her class sang a song, said a poem, and did a dance. Each student also said what they wanted to be when they grew up and they got little awards and diplomas. I was beaming with pride and gratitude. She has been exceptionally cared for and nurtured by her teachers at her school. They have taught her more than I could have wished and I know she is prepared for kindergarten.

(Read on for the photos and videos portion, you don’t want to miss it.)

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Once a Regal, always a Regal

Once a Regal, always a Regal

This morning, during the wee hours, I was nursing Theo. Sometimes I can fall right back to sleep after feeding him and sometimes he takes more time settling down. Usually when I have to be awake at 1am, I start reading on my phone or scrolling social media. This morning, however, I was met with the news that there had been another mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. Just a stone’s throw away from my alma mater, California Lutheran University.

I scrolled through Breaking News story after story and the reports were true — a mass shooting had taken place at Borderline Bar & Grill, one of the only places that college kids hung out in this sleepy little town. You see, Thousand Oaks has been hailed as one of the safest towns in the entire country and safety was what I experienced while I went to college there.

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Henry's first day of pre-school

And a new class for Emma!

Henry started pre-school today. He's in a class of one to two year-olds and he looks oh so tiny compared to those giant 18 month-olds. He was crying at drop off but his new teachers said he had a great day and I'm sobbing thinking about my two TODDLERS. 

*Insert sobbing emoji here.*

Emma showed him the ropes and Paul and I are looking forward to ONE drop-off and ONE pick-up. WOOT!


(See Emma's first day at the same pre-school last year here.) 


Emma's first day of pre-school

Emma started pre-school today! She has been home with Paul and me for the last year so today I have mixed emotions. I am excited that she will get to make some friends and have plenty of activities at her fingertips. I am melancholy at the closing of one chapter of our time together. I have valued this year immensely. She has taught me more about parenting and motherhood than I could have imagined. She's my special buddy. 

She will be at school four days per week and I hope she adjusts well. Drop-off this morning went well, so prayers for her that she settles in and does not have too hard of a time. She was a little shy at first but slowly got into playing with the other 2 year-olds. (Side note: She is the tallest in her class by a good amount. Woah!) 

She seems happy about it though, no?

Have the best day sweet Emma, I love you my brave girl.