Emma's Preschool Graduation

Before having children, I used to think that preschool graduations were silly and unnecessary. Now that I have children, I’m like GIVE ME ALL THE ADORABLE KIDS IN CAPS AND GOWNS AND GIVE THEM TO ME NOW. Emma’s preschool graduation was yesterday afternoon and it was adorable, heart-warming, and moving. My sweet baby girl is heading to kindergarten soon and I am a ball of mushy emotions.

Emma carried the American flag during the processional and helped lead the pledge of allegiance. Her class sang a song, said a poem, and did a dance. Each student also said what they wanted to be when they grew up and they got little awards and diplomas. I was beaming with pride and gratitude. She has been exceptionally cared for and nurtured by her teachers at her school. They have taught her more than I could have wished and I know she is prepared for kindergarten.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I could not agree more. Yes, we are blessed and privileged to afford top-notch childcare and yes, I recognize that not everyone has that opportunity. I do not take it for granted. I thank God for our experiences with her school and am emotional as she heads on to the next phase of her education. Thankfully, we still have Henry at the school and Theo will be starting in October, otherwise I’d be an even bigger puddle of mush.

Now I could wax the gushy mushy stuff all day, but on to the fun part — photos and videos!

emma grad 1.png

Paul insisted on being in this photo.

They sang, they danced, I cried.

emma grad 5.png

Pledge of Allegiance

We are so proud of this wonderful young lady.