Emma says

Now for some quotes from our favorite four year-old.

emmasays 4.jpeg

Emma: Daddy, you drinked a lot of beer and it made you grow a beard on your face.

When trying to get my attention about something.
Emma: Daddy, I mean Mommy, whatever your name is.

After Paul smashed a mosquito in the house.
Emma: DADDY, you killed NATURE.

After tripping a bunch of times in the house.
Emma: What is going on with me?!

While looking at Theo.
Emma: He looks just like…a baby. A real one.

Requesting a dance party in the living room after dinner one night.
Emma: Mommy, can we have real music? Not Christmas music.

emmasays 5.jpeg

Emma: I love daddy 100, I love mommy 10, I love Henry 2, and I love Theo 0.
Samantha: Aww, that’s sad for baby Theo.
Emma: No, that’s how old everyone is.

Emma: Where were you daddy?
Paul: Uhh…I was in the bathroom pooping.
Emma: No you weren’t.
Paul: Okay, I wasn’t, how did you know?
Emma: Because I’m a smart girl.

Emma: I can’t wait for our vacation to lake taco!

Watching me eat a chocolate covered cherry liqueur.
Emma: I want to eat alcohol raisins when I grow up.

Emma: I only like to play with other girls. And the boys in my family, not the ones in the city.

When my back was hurting after baby-wearing Theo for several hours and I had to pick something up.
Emma: MOMMY, why are you doing that? I told you that I’ll get all the stuff off of the ground.

Oh, she’s just a gem.