Emma says

While talking on her pretend cell phone.
Samantha: What are you doing Emma?
Emma: I talkin to Emma's Memaw. (my mother)

While getting ready for school one morning.
Samantha: Emma, how would you like your hair today?
Emma: I don't want it down or in a pony tail.
Emma: I want it crazy. Like a princess.
Samantha: Princesses have crazy hair?
Emma: I need a crown.

Emma is stuffing her face while eating dinner one night.
Samantha: Okay Emma, don't eat too much or you will get a tummy ache.
Emma: Okay mommy.
Emma: Like the caterpillar!

During breakfast one day.
Paul: Hey Emma. Did you know your Auntie Mariah is coming to visit you soon?
Emma: Well, we have to finish breakfast first.

After I spilled my tea all over the kitchen table.
Emma: It's okay mommy. Accidents happen!

On our way to the playground.
Emma: Momma, are we at the playground yet? 
Samantha: No we aren't, but soon.
Emma: Okay. I'll hold my horses.

While Paul and I were in the kitchen we hear.
Paul and Samantha: What?
Emma: Wipe my butt!
Paul: Can you do it yourself?
Emma: No way.

On the car ride home after Mass when we were trying, and failing, to teach her how to whisper.
Emma: Whisper momma. Like this.
Emma: Watch me whisper! *does not whisper*

After she finally stays in bed all night.
Paul and Samantha: going crazy, jumping up and down, high-fives all around
Samantha: Here is your lollipop!
Emma: Mom, will you hold it? I go potty. I don't want to drop it in the potty.

When Henry was trying to play with her toys.
Emma: Tell baby Henny he can't touch my toys!
Samantha: Why can't he play with them? 
Emma: Because I said so!