An interview with Emma

Emma turned four and a half years old this week. (Insert exclamations of consternation and the how is this possibles and the where has the times gones here). I usually wax emotional about all things milestones, but instead of crying to you, I’ll just cry to myself while I look at baby pictures of her. But, for your enjoyment, I did a little interview with Miss Emma Badger in honor of her half-birthday.

What’s your name? “Emma W”

How old are you? “Four and a half”

What is your favorite food? “Strawberries and mac and cheese and pizza and milk and pink lemonade.”

What is your favorite color? “Um some of the colors. I don’t like all of the colors. Light pink, light purple, light blue, just purple, pink, and blue.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “Just like you. Being like a mommy. They go to work and they go to a friend’s house. 
Um, a dentist!”

What’s your favorite thing to watch on TV? “Octonauts and I want to have a real phone and computer.”

Is there anything that makes you really happy? “Um, Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving. Holidays. I wish my mamaw can be in our family in our house. I like when she lets me watch TV sometimes. And lets me color sometimes. And also what makes me be happy is you.”

Are you afraid of anything? “I’m afraid of scary costumes but not very scary ones. That’s all I want to say.”

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? “Grandma’s house and Mamaw’s house.”

What is your favorite thing to do at home? “Color and watch tv, read books, and snuggle with you and lay in your bed.'“

What are your brothers’ names? “Henry and baby Theo.”

How old are they? “Zero and two.”

Do you like playing with them? “Yes, but the baby doesn’t walk.”

Do you go to school? What do you like to learn while you’re there? “Yes. Do numbers and counting and Spanish.”

What is your favorite book? “I wonder if we can order more books on Amazon. Moana book.”

Anything else you want to say now that you’re four and a half? “Um no. No thank you.”

There you have it, straight from the mouth of this precious four and a half year old of ours.