Emma says

Emma says

Emma says

Now for some quotes from our favorite four year-old.

Emma: Daddy, you drinked a lot of beer and it made you grow a beard on your face.

When trying to get my attention about something.
Emma: Daddy, I mean Mommy, whatever your name is.

After Paul smashed a mosquito in the house.
Emma: DADDY, you killed NATURE.

After tripping a bunch of times in the house.
Emma: What is going on with me?!

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An interview with Emma

An interview with Emma

Emma turned four and a half years old this week. (Insert exclamations of consternation and the how is this possibles and the where has the times gones here). I usually wax emotional about all things milestones, but instead of crying to you, I’ll just cry to myself while I look at baby pictures of her. But, for your enjoyment, I did a little interview with Miss Emma Badger in honor of her half-birthday.

What’s your name? “Emma W”

How old are you? “Four and a half”

What is your favorite food? “Strawberries and mac and cheese and pizza and milk and pink lemonade.”

What is your favorite color? “Um some of the colors. I don’t like all of the colors. Light pink, light purple, light blue, just purple, pink, and blue.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “Just like you. Being like a mommy. They go to work and they go to a friend’s house. 
Um, a dentist!”

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Emma says

While talking on her pretend cell phone.
Samantha: What are you doing Emma?
Emma: I talkin to Emma's Memaw. (my mother)

While getting ready for school one morning.
Samantha: Emma, how would you like your hair today?
Emma: I don't want it down or in a pony tail.
Emma: I want it crazy. Like a princess.
Samantha: Princesses have crazy hair?
Emma: I need a crown.

Emma is stuffing her face while eating dinner one night.
Samantha: Okay Emma, don't eat too much or you will get a tummy ache.
Emma: Okay mommy.
Emma: Like the caterpillar!

During breakfast one day.
Paul: Hey Emma. Did you know your Auntie Mariah is coming to visit you soon?
Emma: Well, we have to finish breakfast first.

After I spilled my tea all over the kitchen table.
Emma: It's okay mommy. Accidents happen!

On our way to the playground.
Emma: Momma, are we at the playground yet? 
Samantha: No we aren't, but soon.
Emma: Okay. I'll hold my horses.

While Paul and I were in the kitchen we hear.
Paul and Samantha: What?
Emma: Wipe my butt!
Paul: Can you do it yourself?
Emma: No way.

On the car ride home after Mass when we were trying, and failing, to teach her how to whisper.
Emma: Whisper momma. Like this.
Emma: Watch me whisper! *does not whisper*

After she finally stays in bed all night.
Paul and Samantha: going crazy, jumping up and down, high-fives all around
Samantha: Here is your lollipop!
Emma: Mom, will you hold it? I go potty. I don't want to drop it in the potty.

When Henry was trying to play with her toys.
Emma: Tell baby Henny he can't touch my toys!
Samantha: Why can't he play with them? 
Emma: Because I said so!