Substance and Soul

Emma says

MotherhoodSamantha Wetterholm2 Comments

When I wouldn't let her run around with carrots in her mouth.
Emma: crosses arms, stomps foot
Emma: MAD.

After noticing the pools of snot running from her face.
Samantha: Emma, do you need a tissue?
Emma: No sank you.
Emma: smears snot all over face with the back of her hand
Samantha: You sure?
Emma: No sank you.

While running wild through a local baby store then finding a glider chair to sit on.
Emma: Mama, where are you?
Emma: Here, come.

Looking for her new favorite hammer toy after "hiding it" in plain sight.
Emma: Hammer, where are you?
Samantha: I don't know where your hammer is.
Emma: covering her eyes with her hands
Samantha: What are you doing?
Emma: Ex-sporing. (<-- that means "exploring")

Playing with her new tool box.
Emma: hammer, hammer, hammer
Emma: skew diver
Emma: Mama, hammer song?

After spotting a huge stuffed monster from "Where the wild things are?" at the book store.
Samantha: I think that's a nice monster.
Emma: Oh. No sank you.

Before nap time.
Samantha: Emma, would you like to pick out a book to read before nap time?
Emma: Ammal book. 
Samantha: Which animal book? 
Emma: No, I read.
Samantha: Okay, do you want to sit with me?
Emma: Read to baby. 
Samantha: heart melts

Emma: looking sternly at my baby belly
Emma: Baby, no ice cream.

Any time she wants to do something herself.
Emma: NO, ME!