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28 Weeks

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I have crossed that point into pregnancy where I just feel HUGE but I know I am only going to get huge-er. *wide eyes* The third trimester symptoms are beginning to gain steam and I have pretty much resigned myself to not sleeping anymore. If you want to know what goes on at 3 am, I'm your girl. I will need to find more productive things to do in the wee hours rather than turn over ten million times and punch my pillows (and glare at Paul because he's sleeping peacefully and somehow this is all his fault). I'm thinking 3am might be my new reading time or maybe I'll learn French or maybe I can pen the great American novel.

On the less complainy side of things, I have been enjoying the baby boy Wetterholm show on my belly. His kicks and rolls make for some interesting waves and bulges on my belly. Paul and I play the popular game, head or foot (or elbow or my dinner).

And on a humorous notes, I finally started hitting my patients in the head with my belly. I just blow past it. Until he actually kicks a patient while I am working, I'll just pretend it didn't happen.

I remember thinking about all the energy I had with Emma during the second trimester and even well into the third. I don't think I felt like a beached whale until those last couple of weeks when she just wouldn't head south. But this time around my energy tank is on negative and I am running on desperation and Netflix. It's hard not to let the guilt get to me when I let Emma watch yet another episode of Daniel Tiger, but sometimes I just need to put my feet up and not worry about Emma deciding that today is the day she will attempt her world domination. 

Pregnancy while toddler raising is an episode in crazy, survival, and lots of squirreled away dessert for precious nap time. Speaking of dessert, I had a near emotional break down yesterday when I blurted out that I just needed some pie and vanilla ice cream. My darling husband took the tot to Trader Joe's and got me a blueberry and peach galette and a tub o' vanilla ice cream and we all avoided my melt down. WHEW. He's a smart one, he is. I will be eating the other half during today's nap time. No I will not be sharing and I am extra glad I tested negative for gestational diabetes.

But watching Emma love on my bump is the best remedy for the crazy. Her kisses and hugs and pats on my stomach make me forget that she poured her entire water out on the couch yesterday. Almost. She is going to be a fantastic big sister. I hope. No, she will. Positive thoughts Samantha. 

Somehow, most likely through a rip in the space/time continuum I am managing to fit in all my pre-pregnancy clothing. Whoever invented those belly bands so you can keep your pants unbuttoned and unzipped but still keep 'em up is a stinking genius. Although, some of my shirts are being stretched to their limits. I think my toes will be disappearing any day now too. 

We are nearly ready for baby to come minus a few last minute items on our registry. My friend Grace said my registry is boring. I say, I am more practical this time around and the bells and whistles from last round are not on it. If you are feeling so inclined, please take a look at our Amazon registry and if you are feeling generous, add a couple things to your cart and send them our way. Please and thank you. 

And now for the good stuff.

28 weeks
How far along: 28 weeks exactly
Total weight gain: Less than 10 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Both regular and maternity. But tight waist bands are a no-go.
Stretch marks: No new ones.
Sleep: HAHAHA. Nope.
Miss anything: Sleep, duh. And not grunting when I put my shoes on. 
Movement: Crazy moves. Straight to the bladder. And to my spine somehow.
Food cravings: Dessert, more dessert, and all the dessert. 
Aversions: Cologne, beer breath, people asking invasive questions.
Sex: Boy!
Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain (KFJLDSKJLSKDFJ:S), heart burn, no sleep. 
Belly button: Peaking out.
Wedding rings: Still fitting.
Happy or moody: Happy but easily spooked (into moodiness). 
Looking forward to: Emma potty training so I can stop diapering for a couple of months.

Emma at 26 and 28 weeks.