Hello third trimester

Today officially marks the beginning of my third trimester. First of all, HOLY COW and second of all, where does the time go?

Now that we are on this side of 2014 I am starting to get even more excited/nervous/anxious/happy. Lately, I’ve had a strong urge to nest. I always thought people exaggerated it, but seriously, all I want to do is reorganize things, move furniture, buy baby furniture, and get our apartment ready for all the baby stuff. When I get into a cleaning rampage, nothing can stop me. To satisfy one of my many freak-outs, Paul and I went online and bought a multi-purpose changing table with drawers that will fit nicely in a compact apartment. I hope it arrives soon!

I am so excited that we have entered the third trimester. My second trimester was pretty amazing. We started to feel the baby kick, my body started changing, and Paul and I have really bonded as partners and future parents. I am starting to feel a bit more claustrophobic lately. I also feel quite uncomfortable at times, but that seems to be a general theme of the third trimester {goodbye honeymoon period}.

We have our first baby shower next weekend and I am so excited! I’m loving this growing baby bump too. 

I like big bumps and I cannot lie.

Here is another pregnancy list update: 

HOW FAR ALONG? 28 weeks {third trimester!!}

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 9-10 pounds last I checked

MATERNITY CLOTHES? Just bought maternity jeans and I am wearing my few maternity pieces all the time {so much more comfortable than just leaving my zipper undone}. I need to order a couple nursing bras soon too. 


SLEEP: It’s hard to get comfortable and I’m pretty much waking up every night to go to the bathroom. Oy vey. 

MISS ANYTHING? I’ve been missing wine {like always} but lately I’ve been missing the ability to easily get off the couch or out of bed without Paul’s help and a fair amount of grunting. 

MOVEMENT: This girl is on the move! And she just LOVES to kick my bladder, back, and other organs. There have been quite a few kicks that have taken my breath away but I know they are only going to get stronger.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Ice cream, bacon, fruit preserves, espresso.  

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK? Motion. I’ve been easily nauseated by rough bus drivers. I also need to stop reading on the shuttle because that makes me even queasier.  

SEX: Still a girl! I have another ultrasound at 31 weeks so we will confirm of course. 

SYMPTOMS: Heart burn, backache, round ligament pain, pelvic pain, bladder ache, some foot swelling, forgetfulness, and uncontrollable crying.

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT? Stretched out to the limit, I finally had to take out my belly button ring. 


HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME: Happy but I burst out crying for no reason.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our first baby shower on Feb. 8th! Our good friends here in SF are throwing it for us and I am so looking forward to it. We are having a co-ed party which I love! 

Check out all lists here.

We are on the home stretch!

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