A sweet surprise

Today I am 37 weeks along, wee! T h i r t y - s e v e n. That means term for this bump of mine. I am doing a figurative jig (while I am actually just sitting on my glider chair). Fortunately/unfortunately I have been having consistent contractions since Saturday afternoon. I had to breathe through quite a few of them while I was seeing my patients. I started my maternity leave right after that. ;]

On the bright side, I know my body is gearing up and I'll be holding this boy in my arms before long. On the self-pity side, I am tired and fed up with these prodromal labor pains. Some are quite painful and they come and go every 10-15 minutes. SINCE SATURDAY. Oy vey. I am trying to take it one day at a time.

But my darling husband surprised me on Sunday morning with a little shower at our place and it was a sweet relief and quite the distraction. He sent me to church on Sunday morning alone (because Emma has been a handful at mass lately) and it was nice to be able to sit and listen without getting up to change a diaper or clean up spilled snacks or readjust my veil because she's tugged it off again. When I got home, I had a sweet surprise waiting for me.

My husband and neighbors set up a little baby shower with food, desserts, drinks, and a few games. It was a simple morning party and I am so grateful for the thoughtfulness of my husband and our friends.

Now I will just hold on to this moment while I play the waiting game.

My wonderful husband and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this Saturday and it is moments like this which remind me of the million reasons I love him oh so much.


36 Weeks

It's the final countdowwwwwwwn! 

This is it people. The final month. It could be a week, two weeks, or if this boy is anything like Emma, another five weeks (oh Lawd, help me). I am at 36 weeks and one day, officially. But according to this morning's ultrasound it's looking like 36 weeks and three days, but who's counting really? (<--Me, that's who.) 

I know due dates are just estimates anyway but there is something about checking days off the calendar with some sort of "goal" in mind that helps alleviate some of the crazy. Key word, some. I'm still pretty nutso with anticipation over at the hive.

Originally, I was just going to work until I pop, but upon further reflection after a tough last few weeks, Monday will now be my last official day. I think I've hit enough patients in the head with this basketball I've hidden under my white coat. And false labor and dentistry do not a dreamy combo make.

At this point in the game, there is not too much to say. (Hahaha, who am I kidding? I'm a rambler and we all know it.) Really though, the symptoms have kicked up several zillion notches and it's just a waiting game at this point.

The baby's head is down and all up in my bladder's business. The Braxton Hicks contractions send me into a huffing and puffing frenzy. This time around, Paul and I are way less panicy when I get a good steady flow of BHs because we know that's just nature's way of saying, HAHAHA JK. I am hoping the next time I go into the hospital, it's really, real, fo' reals labor and not the two false alarms I had with Emma badger. 

Me: "Emma, if you cooperate for some photos, I'll give you a cookie. Maybe even two." (Yes, it has come to this.)

Let's see, what else? The hospital bag is packed, the toiletries are packed, my pillows are ready, and the baby's crap is taking up the whole apartment. So, we good? We good. This time around I am a lot more realistic about what I actually need for my hospital staycation. We brought so much stuff last time (FTM syndrome) and this time I know really all I need is chapstick and an empty bag to squirrel away all the hospital freebies when we are discharged. But really, I am bringing much less s t u f f, high five self

Tonight we are going to install the infant carseat and put the double stroller in the trunk. I'm also in the process of getting mentally/emotionally prepared for breastfeeding again. It was hard to get started with Emma and I remember almost giving up twenty times per day those first few weeks. We stuck with it and I am so glad we did, I just know it can be quite the uphill battle. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Aren't I just full of sunshine?

Are we ready?

That's a big yes. And an equally big NO. I am ready to be holding our baby in my arms. I am ready to see my feet again. I am ready to relieve some of this sciatic nerve pain. But I am completely intimidated by the idea of TWO KIDS OHMYGOSH BOTH MINE. How will I juggle both of the small humans? Will Emma resent me? Will I be as devoted to the baby boy as I was with Emma? What do I do with the boy parts? Will Emma love the baby? Will they bond? Will I ever sleep? Will my apartment ever be clean again? 

You know, the normal stuff.

Currently I am riding the wave of another contraction and just waiting for my body to say, hey let's do this fo' reals

This could be my last official belly update. Or I could see you back at 40 weeks with a harried look in my eyes and wondering if human gestation could extend to 24 months if the baby's will is strong enough.

Some staty stats:

36 weeks
How far along: 36 weeks, one day
Total weight gain: 22 pounds (probably a good portion of that is the whole pie I ate yesterday)
Maternity clothes: Clothing optional at this point. My burgeoning belly doesn't like to be confined.
Stretch marks: Just a few little boogers.
Sleep: What's that?
Miss anything: Doing anything (dressing, standing up, driving) without struggling. 
Movement: This kid wants to make the US gymnastic team.
Food cravings: Wine and pasta a la carbonara.
Aversions: Vegetables and anything healthy.
Sex: Still a boy, hopefully.
Symptoms: Where do I start? Back pain, heart burn, pelvic pressure, loss of bladder control, exhaustion.
Belly button: OUTTIE
Wedding rings: Depends on the time of day. Definitely snug. 
Happy or moody: Completely elated at the prospect of meeting him. Annoyed at everything else.
Looking forward to: Meeting our little man.

She's excited too. 

Emma at 35 and 38 weeks.