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This adoring father

LifeSamantha WetterholmComment

This man is the epitome of an adoring father. This family of ours is his greatest happiness and it shows every single day. I walked down the aisle looking at this man with his teary eyes and huge grin and I did not think I could love him more than at that moment. But, I have loved him more each day and seeing him father our daughter and fawn over our son growing in my womb makes me love him more than words can describe. Just typing this is making me get all choked up. 

My husband is my partner in life and in parenting. He doesn't babysit and he isn't lost without me around. He knows what he is doing. 

He changes diapers, washes hair, kisses boo boos, and whispers daddy's here. He sings and dances, makes silly faces, and booms with laughter. He makes sure the car seat is buckled, coaxes food into a stubborn toddler, and disciplines with stern expressions and a whole lot of love. He takes her to the park, teaches her how to play tennis, and takes adoring videos of her laughing. He talks in high pitched voices, reads countless books, and talks to my stomach. He cries when he feels his son kicking and rolling around in my womb.

I am lucky to spend life with this wonderful man and adoring father. Happy Father's Day darling.