I have realized that my weekly planner posts have somewhat turned into weekly updates/seven quick takes. Although, you know me, nothing I write is quick as I can be quite wordy. But, mama is stuck in her over-use of adjectives adverbs way.

On to it!

1) Last Monday was Labor Day and Paul and I both had work off. We spent the day lounging and playing then we slipped away to dinner. We went to this mall that is about 30 minutes away from us just for a change of scenery and they had a lego store AND a Nordstrom . You know what that means…

…we made some purchases at the lego store and Nordstrom. I’m nothing if not predictable. I used to go to Nordstrom a lot in college and dental school and oh how I’ve missed it. But my wallet has not.

2) Any who, we had another busy week even though it was a short one. I went up a level in my adult ballet class, I am now officially in the beginner class and not the introduction class. I feel myself becoming stronger and more graceful. It is one of the highlights of my week for sure.

3) Emma started her pre-ballet class for five year-olds Saturday. She was so excited to start and I am excited that her tights, leotard, and ballet slippers still fit because she definitely had a growth spurt this summer. Emma also started faith formation for the first time today and she was nervous but I am grateful for our parish’s faith formation program. I cannot wait for the kids to know the Lord and the church more fully as they grow.

4) We went to the park to watch Paul’s team play some tennis and the kids humored me with some photos. I swear, as they grow it is getting harder and harder to get them to settle down for a quick minute to take a photo with me. And I got them both to smile! And stick their tongues out too.

5) There have been some pretty bold raccoons in our neighborhood lately. According to our HOA, some tiny dogs have been snatched, but thankfully were released and went back home. I think the raccoons are just jerks. Sometimes I see one walking across our back fence at night and they are slightly terrifying. They have also been known to paw at unattended garbage. Anyone know any raccoon deterrents that don’t involve weapons?

6) I had an incredible massage on Wednesday night. It was 90 minutes and my massage therapist worked out some crazy knots in my back. I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and my lower back is always aching SURPRISE SURPRISE but she works miracles. I used to feel incredibly guilty for spending the time and money to get massages or get my hair done or take myself out to lunch. But I have found that if don’t do something to recharge or relax, then I don’t function as best as I know I could be functioning. SELF CARE Y’ALL.

7) And in between all the craziness, I managed to create my week 37 spread in my Blessed Is She planner. WHEW. I had some fun with this one. Give me a good succulent sticker any day.

Have a wonderful week everyone!