Planner | Week 34 and other things

Happy Sunday friends.

The Wetterholm clan is recovering from some kind of stomach bug so that’s been fun. And so terrible. But we are all on the mend thankfully and good thing too because Emma starts kindergarten tomorrow.

For this week’s planner spread in my Blessed Is She liturgical planner, I wanted to do an ode to the end of summer and the start of school. I threw in a bunch of inspirational quotes which I sense I am going to need because I’m already emotional at this next milestone.

But here is what has been going on this week.

1. Like I said, everyone has been sick, except Paul somehow. He has an immune system like a robot. Wednesday night, our sweet Theo started vomiting and having diarrhea. I took him to the doctor on Thursday and she diagnosed a bad stomach virus. On Friday evening, just as we were planning to go out to dinner for my mom’s birthday, then Henry started throwing up. Then Emma threw up over night. And I was sick all day yesterday. But thankfully, the symptoms have let up for all of us today but we are still in recovery mode. And Theo has had MANY, MANY dirty diapers so that now we just let him waddle around naked.

2. Work has been busy and challenging. There are some administrative and staff challenges that can cause stress but I am trying not to take it home with me.

3. Emma starts Kindergarten tomorrow! We have her teacher assignment and we have heard great things about her. I’m so excited for her and nervous all at the same time. We bought her new backpack and lunch box and my momma heart is bursting.

4. I am trying to emotionally gear myself up for night weaning. I am trying to cut down on pumping at work because truthfully, it’s simply exhausting and finding breaks throughout the day to be attached to the pump can be more challenging than patient care at times. But I have a feeling Theo is going to be difficult to wean. He loves his mama snuggles.

5. I’ve been avoiding morning news radio and evening news twitter. I think it’s better for my mental and emotional health. I’ve noticed less anxiety for sure.

6. While we have always been a fairly minimal stuff family, I have found myself being overwhelmed at the amount of crap we are accumulating. I’ll probably need to Konmari this place or Swedish death clean. I’ll keep you posted.

7. I found these flats online during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and I cannot believe how much I love them. It’s taken me FOREVER to find the perfect black ballet flat.

Any who, what’s in store for your week?

Here is this week’s planner spread.

Happy planning and have a great week!

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