Hello summer! Yesterday was the first day of summer and the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining.

I’d also like to say congratulations to my amazing parents who celebrate 34 years of marriage today. Thank you for showing me an example of the Sacrament of Marriage. I love you both.

1. We are trying to iron out the kinks for our summer plans. I still have work but Emma is transitioning from pre-school to Kindergarten and we’ll be having some brief travels and grandparent time. Emma will be getting to spend several weeks with Paul’s parents then mine. Henry will get to have some time away from us for the first time, so all I have to say is, good luck to my parents on that one. Cause he’s one big daddy’s boy.

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2. Yesterday, we celebrated the life of our friend Rob. He is survived by his wife, Jess, and their two girls, Mackenzie and Valarie. Rob and Jess were some of our first friends when we moved to Alameda. They lived across the street from us and we immediately connected. He tragically passed in an accident and the family is devastated. The funeral was moving and terribly sad but I’m grateful to have known this wonderful man, father, and friend. If you are able, please consider donating to their GoFundMe to help out Jess and the girls. And please keep them all in your prayers.

3. After my back went out, it made me stop and think about how I have not been taking care of myself in recent years. But laying there for several days, made me come up with a plan. Because I’m a planner. And planner’s gotta plan. Starting next week I am planning on doing my ballet class once per week and yoga at least twice per week. I will also be taking our family on long walks and bike rides instead of just vegging out. There is a local yoga studio that offers classes I can take either before or after work and on the weekends, so there are options. I just need to get into a rhythm. Paul has been so encouraging for me to do these things. I just need to do ‘em.

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4. Our hummingbird, Helga Hummingpuff, laid her eggs a while ago and the birds hatched! It has been completely beautiful to watch her maker her nest, lay and care for her eggs, and now feed them as they sit in the nest. Yesterday, I sat outside in our backyard and just watched her fly back and forth, feeding the babies and buzzing close by me, warning me to not get too close. I’m slightly terrified that she’ll beak me, but hopefully she recognizes that I mean no harm. But in the mean time, I keep my eyes peeled for her diving at me.

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5. Speaking of the backyard, the weather has been completely wonderful. When we get home from work, we open the windows and the back door and the bay breeze just comes right in. It’s heavenly. Henry always wants to water the plants and they like to play outside together. Theo wishes he could go outside with the big kids but if he could prove to me that he’s not going to eat the leaves then I’ll let him. But until then, sorry kid.

6. I’ve also been trying to chill out lately. Not just literally put my feet up more, but try to let those little things that bother me go. When my postpartum anxiety flares up, I start to obsess more and notice all the little imperfections around me. But when I am consistent with my daily prayers and mindful of my triggers, it just makes everything feel more manageable. And I feel like I can get a better handle on things. Ya know? Plus, I am soaking up all the beauty of my kiddos.

7. Amidst all the chaos and loss and frenzy and injury that we’ve been experiencing lately, I just want to cling to my family. Today, we planned to go to the zoo and drove all the way there only to find out it was closed for a private event. I was disappointed. But with a few moments of breathing and changing my attitude, I did not let it affect me the rest of the day. Instead, we turned around and headed to a new park in Alameda. We stayed there for a couple hours and played and ate fresh watermelon. We met up with a friend and made some new ones. It was 75 and sunny and it was glorious.

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Well that’s all for now! My sweet Emma and I are going to have some girl time this afternoon and go out to see Toy Story 4 together! I’m so excited!