Happy Baptism Day, Theo

This past Sunday, we Baptized our sweet Theophilus into the Church. It was a joyous day and we were surrounded by those in our parish.

When we first moved to Alameda, I struggled to find community and connection. I was so used to making friends through a shared experience of school that forming friendships outside of that environment was new and challenging. But we have since formed a wonderful young families community through our church. We started with park meet-ups after Mass where we’d share coffee and treats and then it evolved to a full-blown Young Families Ministry where we celebrate the liturgical seasons and life events.

This past Sunday was no different! Our dear friends Claire and James honored us with being Theo’s Godparents. It was an extra special day because Claire and James’s newest wee one month old babe was also getting Baptized. Father George celebrated Mass and Baptized our children and it was a completely Holy and wholly beautiful experience. We had only done private Baptisms before so this one with the Church was some thing wonderful.

After the Baptism, we headed over to James and Claire’s home for a big party and celebration with the families of our church community. Now before I keep yammering on and on about how amazing it was watching the congregation welcome our sweet Theo into the Holy Catholic Church, I’m just going to move on to the pictures.

And of course, cry some more because it was beautiful.

A wonderfully nice woman (I didn’t catch her name) took some photos on my phone and one our young families dad, Alfonso, took photos for us too. Thanks you two!

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