Theo at nine months

Our Mr. Theophilus turns nine months old today!

9 Months 2.png

This has been an eventful month for our boy. He has two teeth (!) he is almost walking (!!) AND he is saying MAMA (!!!). He is quiet spectacular.

Theo loves food. Just LOVES IT. So much so, that if brother or sister drop pieces of their own food on the floor, our Theo scurries under the table and tries to eat it. We have to be vigilant with this one. He prefers baby food with a more savory blend than sweet. He’s also tried eggs but that ended with projectile vomiting so I’m going to hold off on introducing that one again any time soon.

He has been enjoying the warmer weather and loves to play with water. Bath time with big sis and bro is a favorite pastime around here too. He’s our earliest riser in the house so please keep the caffeine and eye masks coming.

Let’s see, Theo

LOVES: playing with Emma and Henry, taking walks, eating pureed meats and veggies, listening to music, waking up early, and slobbery kisses

HATES: diaper changes, getting into the carseat, missing out on any of the fun, loud noises

Theo is always on the move. He can crawl faster than the road runner. I know he wants to walk soon and I think he’s going to absolutely love it when he takes those first steps.

He’s happy, he’s healthy, and we are grateful.

Happy nine months Theo!