Theo at ten months

Theo is ten months old today. Hold me until the crying stops. My crying, not his.

Welp, we have a full-blown walker. This past couple of weeks, he’s been really moving. At first, it was just a few steps, but now he’s doing his baby waddle all over the house. It’s adorable and exhausting in equal measure. Especially because he wants to waddle right out the door.

Theo is an excellent eater. I’m digging it. He especially loves experimenting with different textures. We’re like totally into homemade purees and grass fed vegetable non-GMO air…JUST KIDDING…Gerber makes these mix-in baby foods and puffs and we’re into it. 😎

He is completely enamored by his big sister and brother. He wants to play with them and do exactly what they are doing at all times. He currently does not mind being a punching bag to Henry or a doll to Emma. I don’t think it will last long though. He’s going to start fighting back soon. Watch out E and H.

Theo has enjoyed yelling and experimenting with his voice. He’s already chatty and conversational and has many interesting things to say. Usually at 3 in the morning or right during the Consecration at Mass.

Speaking of 3 am in the morning. He’s definitely an early riser. Usually between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning. It’s fine, we’re totally fine. ☕️☕️☕️

He might be the happiest boy on the planet. And he makes the world brighter with his smile.

God bless you sweet boy and happy ten months.

Emma at ten months.
Henry at ten months.