Henry at ten months

Well, well, well...look what we have here. A blog post?! On time?! Am I feeling alright?

Henry is ten months today! And what a coincidence, I have ten new grey hairs.

Henry shark finally cut a tooth (and considering how much his bites could hurt sans teeth, I'm looking at some good chomps in my future). He loves food. Especially bread. More specifically, pizza crust. Not like we have a lot of that around or anything...

He is more into savory foods than sweet at this point, which is the exact opposite to Emma. He prefers the pureed meat/veggie combos but he does like when I just hand him a hunk of fruit for him to gnaw at. Out of all the parenting things/precautions/what have you, I am extremely fearful about choking so I watch him like a hawk when we give him new foods to try.

Henry is a cruising machine. If he needs to get from A to B quickly, he usually crawls. But his new idée fixe is attempting to pull everything off the tables, shelves, and anything within reach.

He is incredibly vocal. He likes to look at himself in the mirror and just yell. It's the funniest thing. He also yells for food. For diaper changes. For attention. For no reason at all other than to hear himself yell. 

WELP, we have another early riser on our hands. He only sleeps past 6:30 (maybe) twice per week, but usually he's up and at 'em at 6 which means I am too, up and at the caffeine.

He prefers to spend time running free, either outside or in. He loves to explore his environment and already has some fairly impressive problem-solving skills. 

Henry's eyes are a serious attention-grabber. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we take him people comment on his eyes. And I can see why. They are soul-piercing.

He's just beautiful. #proudmama #obsessed 

He loves books, baths, and any time spent chasing his big sister around. 

And I think I need to start planning his first birthday shindig. Must remember