Theo at five months

(Not so) little baby Theo turns five months old today. He is basically almost one which is basically almost eighteen and that’s basically almost married! HOLD ME.

5 months 1.jpeg

Theo is such a joyful baby. Seriously. His smiles light up the room and his giggles are music to my ears. As joyful as he is, he can be equally opinionated when tired and/or hungry so watch out.

This month, the newest accomplishment in baby town is CRAWLSCOOTING. What’s crawlscooting you ask? Well it’s when he is on all fours like he’s about to crawl and rocks back and forth then plops down on his tummy and then rotates a bit and pushes himself around on his tummy.

Um, you may just have to trust me on this one.

He is definitely more mobile and active. I think he’s going through a leap of some kind, because his napping and eating habits are changing. He’s doing about 2-3 long naps during the day. He is also my best sleeper of the bunch, hands down. At this age, Emma and Henry had NO interest in long snoozes in their cribs, but this one naps like a champ. PRAISETHELORD.

5 months 5.jpeg

Paul is still on paternity leave for a little bit, so he is just soaking in all the baby squish. I’m just trying to make it through the day until my kids can jump on me when I get home and invade my personal space. Motherhood for the win, am I right?

Theo is also one chatty baby. He just babbles and squeaks and coos and it’s something special I’ll tell you. I’m convinced he’s having full on conversations with us, just not really understanding that we don’t speak baby. But I smile and nod to appease him.

And if there’s one thing I love more than his coos, it’s his rolls. He’s working on some mighty delicious thigh, wrist, and tummy rolls. He’s squishy and I die.

We think he’s around the 16 pound mark, but I have no idea because hashtag, third kid. But I’m guessing he’s around that amount. I’ve mostly been able to keep up my pumping schedule with his appetite.

He took his first plane trip and handled it like a champ. He did score me some extra cookies, so good on you Theo. This coming month I’m looking forward to him crawling, oh wait NO I’M NOT because that means I need to up my baby proofing or else I’ll find him under the couch eating a lone blueberry.

He’s our light and I’m so grateful he’s ours.

Emma at five months.
Henry at five months.