Baby Emma | Five Months

Alright. Who did it? Who is fast-forwarding time and making my baby grow up too fast? You have some ‘splaining to do. Emma is five months old and I have five grey hairs, what a coincidence. You’d think they were connected or something.

Brought to you hot off the press is Emma’s five months update. Get ready for some squealing. From me. And you, let’s be honest.

Don’t let this precious face fool you. She can be quite a handful. And by handful, I mean of my hair. That she grabbed. And never let go.

Emma turns five months old today. Apparently kids are getting cell phones earlier and earlier these days because she insists she needs the new iPhone 6 plus. But I told her that thing is bigger than she is. We are still at a standstill about this one. 

Emma is the light of our lives. She is genuinely such a sweet baby. She lights up the room and has a great smile. She does this lizard tongue thing when she smiles. She slays me.

Emma is on the move, I’ll tell ya. She loves to roll around all over the place and has mastered the army crawl. She is one determined lady. Paul and I put her toys all over the living room and she goes after them like I go after sales at Nordstrom. 

So this girl is huge like, ate the wrong side of the mushroom in Wonderland, huge. Paul and I need to do some dead lifts to get her out of the crib. Heave! But that’s okay, she’s chunky and healthy and we love it. There is nothing like baby cub. Am I right?

She definitely seems interested in solids. She’s been staring us down whenever we have food. The daycare teachers say she also watches the other babies when they have solids. We are thinking about giving her a bite of her first food! What do you think? Pureed carrots, mashed avocado, or Maine lobster? Ice cream is definitely up there on my list. We are still going back and forth, stay tuned. 

She thinks she’s all hot stuff now that she can sit up. Show off.

Emma is definitely a talker, yup. She loves to babble all the live long day. She makes a lot of ooo and ahh sounds but she is adding in those consonant sounds. Paul and I have agreed to only call each other mama and dada around her. You’ll know the day that she says mama because my screeches of joy will shatter all the glass within a 600-mile radius. Wear your protective eyewear. You’ve been warned.

I am pretty sure that Emma knows that she can cry to get attention. One minute she’s crying her eyes out, we come running, and then all of a sudden she’s happy. What do ya know? Are there games afoot?

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how big her feet are? I mean really, we will be sharing shoes before I know it.

Emma absolutely loves books and music. She listens so intently to her bedtime story. She loves Good Night Moon, The Lorax, and Harold And The Purple Crayon. Next, we will be reading Tuesdays with Morrie. She also loves to listen to and play music, especially playing musical instrumens. At daycare they have all these different instruments and she just sits and plays away. I think she’s attempting Beethoven’s ninth symphony, so stay tuned.

Now I know you all only came here for the pictures, so here’s a few gooduns.

Emma is making it harder and harder to take pictures of her. At next month’s session she will be trying to run out the door with the car keys.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s rendition of Emma Unplugged. Currently, I am trying to figure out what Emma'a Halloween costume will be. This is harder than choosing her name. I’m open to suggestions.

Okay, I could ramble all day long about her. OH yeah, the other day she was doing this adorable thing, she was chewing… oh and you’re gone already.

I’ll just leave you with this gem.

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