Three's company too

Three's company too

Before I say anything, I’d like to give a huge shout out to those of you who take care of little ones at home each day. You’re my heroes. Working outside the home is hard, working in the home is hard, staying home all day with littles is hard, staying away from home all day is hard. Parenting is hard and I just think you are all doing the best you can.

Starting this week, the big kids will be staying home Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. We wanted to save a bit of childcare money while Paul is home with Theo for two months. So I had all three littles for a couple days this week. It was simultaneously incredibly exhausting and extremely entertaining. It was constant movement and diapers and meal times and staggered nap times and meltdowns and dancing and playtime and errands and chaos and pure bliss.

I have been an emotional mess this week leading up to my return to work this coming Monday. But spending uninterrupted time with my sweet babies — in all the crazy, beautiful chaos — has been just what I needed. Here’s a photo and video dump for memory’s sake. Hand me the tissues.

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Island living

I'm not going to lie. Two full-time working parents does not a lot of free time make. We savor our weekends together. Though often, weekends can sometimes turn into errands and chores days and then before we know it -- POOF -- it's the work week again.

But this weekend, we made it about to savor our little respite from the hectic work week and had a staycation on our little island.

It started Friday night with our weekend family movie night. We picked peaches from our very own tree and gorged ourselves on sweet peaches. On Saturday, we took a long walk and explored a hidden gem of a lagoon and park. We swam in our community pool and shivered when we had to get out of the heated water. Today, we watched Paul play a tennis match then took turns hitting around. I still got it. But it's just been one of those perfect weekends. Yes, I did some chores and we did run some errands to get food (because mama has gotta eat) but I didn't feel consumed by the to-do list. It was lovely. And this weary soul needed it. 

Lake Tahoe in the Autumn - part 2

The second half of our Lake Tahoe vacation was equally amazing as the first half. I arrived home refreshed and rested (the feelings which I will cling to in the coming weeks). I heaved the heaviest sighs as we drove up and over the mountain and out of my beloved Lake Tahoe.

Some highlights included our day trip to Virginia City, Nevada (a favorite of mine and my family's). It's an old silver mining town in the middle of the mountains and it's adorable. Emma swam nearly every day and I sat by the fire and read. We watched the salmon run - where we saw some determined little lady salmon swim their way up stream. We enjoyed our first Oktoberfest at Camp Richardson, picked pumpkins, and listened to a band garbed in lederhosen. We departed on Sunday afternoon and I am already planning our next trip back.

Emma had to take a piece of Tahoe home with us and selected a few lucky leaves to take with us back home.  



Lake Tahoe in the Autumn - part 1


(I mean South Shore, Lake Tahoe. Don't punch me.)

Paul, Emma, Henry, and I are currently on vacation at our favorite spot. This is my FAVORITE time of year to come to Lake Tahoe. The leaves are just beginning to turn, the air is crisp and cool but not freezing or raining. It's just the best. Last time we were here it was snowing and Mr. H was growing in my belly, dawww.

Currently, I am sipping a refreshing bev and fawning over some of the photos I've taken the last couple of days. 

That first glimpse of the mountain side with all of the trees as you drive up and over into South Lake is one of my most favorite views in all the land. My stomach skips every time. I have nothing but fond memories of this place. So far we have just spent time together and done some trail walking around the area. We have visited marshes, forests, and streams. We are in heaven.

Well okay, if you insist, I'll just show you. ;]

And it's only been two days!


A short story

Last Thursday, Emma had a terrific birthday. Really, it was one for the books. Probably between her BIRTHday, her first birthday, and her second birthday, this one was her favorite (I am guessing on this one, but let's go with it). She played with her friends WAY past her bed time and was hopped up on twenty pounds of refined sugar. She laughed and skipped and it was a good day. But due to the delicate balance between toddler behavior and sleeping/eating habits, she was none too happy come Friday morning. Cranky was her middle name and being displeased with the world was her game.

But I took it in stride. I tried to let her rest and kept our day relaxed and calm. I snuggled with her when she asked for it and gave her space when she needed it. I kept meals nutritious and filling to avoid another sugar crash. But in the moments between the whines and tears, I thought about the beauty in these exhausting days, these challenging days. I let the stress of the day wash over me and just went with the flow (which is not in my skill set most days). In the light of the afternoon sun, listening to the sounds of her little footsteps, I breathed in a simple moment of peace amidst a day of chaos. And I'll tell you, it was beautiful.