A mad March trip

Paul, Emma, the bump, and I just got back from a quick trip to visit our families. Paul had some time off of work so a road tripping we went.

The road trip to see our families usually goes like this:

make lists, charge iPads, pack, pack, load up car, traffic, cows, cows, cows, COWS, potty and sanity break, an hour of squirming at the end, whew we made it

This time was no different EXCEPT we went straight to my family first (5.5 hours driving) verses Paul's fam first (4 hours) and let me tell you, that last leg is a killer. The burgeoning bump makes it hard to get comfortable and there is only so much Netflix the toddler can be bribed with before she MUST GET OUT.

But we survived. Mostly. *eye twitch*

We spent time with my family for the weekend and Easter fun. And by fun I mean Mamaw (my mom), Lolo (my dad), and Auntie (my sis) smothering Emma with more attention than I thought was humanly possible. Like her head wasn't big enough already... 

A trip highlight: I got to eat my favorite bagel in the whole world which is only sold at the specific bagel store in my hometown. GIVE ME ALL THE SMEAR. And my life may be a little sad.

We left for Paul's parents' on Monday morning where Emma was again given princess status and did I mention how much I love family and my free hands are all *celebrate good times come on*. Paul's birthday (OLD MAN) was on Tuesday and his BFF took him golfing and beering while Emma and I spent time with her cousins (Emma's heaven on earth). We went to his family's favorite pizza place for dinner and I ate the best cake I've EVER had. EVER. EVAAAAAAA. 

Champagne cake from a local bakery and I'm pretty sure the frosting is made of angel tears. 

Actually I am 100% certain.

We drove home Wednesday morning (which screwed up Emma's afternoon nap but I guess I'll trade that over her screaming the whole car ride). Emma graduated to forward-facing car seatdom and I think she is diggin' her new throne/freedom. 

We got home and unpacked and did a little grocery shopping and she promptly put herself to bed by 7:30 (after an attitude-soaked bath). 


And because I know you didn't come here to just read me blather on, on to photos!

Pure heaven.

You know, it's too bad she doesn't know how to relax.

Matching Easter dresses and all.

Behind the scenes of the unsuccessful family photo sesh.

She takes UVA/UVB protection very seriously.

Ya old man. 

Road trip buddies!

Well unpacking sure has changed since we've had Emma.

"I'm tired of your shenanigans mother."

So there you have it. Tomorrow's post is tentatively titled - What we did Thursday. 

Just kidding.