20 Weeks


(You know, 'cause we're halfway there. Original is my middle name.)

But seriously, we made it to the halfway point! 20 weeks ya'll! Well it could be halfway. Or just shy of halfway if we go past the due date. Or over halfway if the peanut pops out before the due date. Or... ugh math. Never mind. 

I have been feeling much better the past few weeks until two nights ago where a viral bug hit our household. Long story short, I was sick all night and needed IV fluids Wednesday morning, but I am feeling much better. Whew! Thank God for hospitals that have saved my butt multiple occasions thus far. Now I'll be perfectly okay with not seeing the hospital again until the baby is ready to pop on the scene. 

You hear me body?

Moving along. This baby is a mover! Holy moly, the wiggles and twists and kicks this baby has managed at a whopping 13 ounces is astounding. Paul and I were able to see the kicks last night from the outside, wee! 

The nesting has also started. On Monday I was convinced, absolutely convinced that every piece of furniture in the house had to be moved around but luckily the only help I had was Emma. And she actually was no help at all so everything stayed just where it is. But I am envisioning where I want the pack and play to go and where the baby clothes and changing table will be come August. I promised myself I will wait a little while longer to set everything up. Until then I can just obsess over Emma's things until we are ready for number two. 

And of course, the moment we've all been waiting for...


We are having a little boy and we are so happy! I had no preference, but when we heard, "It's a boy!" I just knew that he was meant to be ours. I can picture this perfect little person. 

Oh joy!

Our anatomy ultrasound was wonderful today. Emma and Paul went with me and I just loved watching the woman scan every body part. The toes! The femur! The most perfect kidneys! Oh look, an alien brain! 

But my favorite part was the perfect little profile shot. Thumb in the mouth and all.

I am just so happy. I look up to the sky and just thank God for my good fortune with this incredible family of mine. 

20 weeks
How far along: 20 weeks, 1 day. 
Total weight gain: Well, I just have no idea.
Maternity clothes: Yes for comfort but not necessary. I love my belly band though. 
Stretch marks: No new ones so far.
Sleep: Insomnia On and off and the craziest dreams imaginable. 
Miss anything: All the wine. 
Movement: Feeling consistent movement throughout the day. This one is a mover.
Food cravings: Popsicles, pastries, anything vinegary.
Aversions: Cologne, orange scented anything.
Symptoms: Sore back, trouble sleeping on my back, grunting when having to bend, headaches.
Belly button: Still an innie.
Wedding rings: Still fitting just fine, not loose, not tight.
Happy or moody: Just so happy. 
Looking forward to: More belly growth and stronger movements and Emma enjoying the belly kicks.

Emma at 20 weeks.
Emma's a girl