Pregnancy Belly {5 months}


This week I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant! I cannot believe that I am halfway through my pregnancy. I feel like it has gone by both incredibly fast and miserably slow. {I attribute the slow feeling to the first trimester when I was throwing up every. single. day.} 

{By the way, I am using lunar months of four weeks rather than calendar months.}

I finally feel like my belly has popped out. I broke down and bought real maternity pants and by george, they are comfortable. I see the point now. 

My baby is the length of a small banana {crown-to-toe} and is moving like crazy! This one is going to be kicking the heck out of me very soon. It’s pretty dang beautiful. 

I have been craving sweet foods. Thankfully, any sweet food will do. I equally crave dessert and fruit. Really crisp grapes are a staple here lately {and so are doughnuts}.  

It’s been a bit harder to sleep. It takes me a while to get comfortable and I have been waking up in the middle of the night to adjust my position, go to the bathroom, or chug water because of my heart burn. A cocoon of pillows helps. I’m pretty sure that I kick Paul every night while trying to get comfortable. Sorry honey!

Although I am by no means huge, it’s harder for me to bend over or get off the couch without a symphony of grunting. So attractive. 

Thankfully I haven’t experienced any swelling yet. Fingers crossed that that symptom stays away for a while. 

My nails and hair are growing like weeds. I’ve never had a problem growing my nails and hair so now it’s like they are on speed.

My energy levels are pretty high compared to my first trimester. I am able to do things in the evenings, instead of just pass out on the couch with one shoe off.

Every night, Paul and I talk to my bump. We love this baby so much. 

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I love this time of year and having this precious baby on the way makes it that much sweeter.