A reintroduction - a life in pictures

I got to thinking the other day about my blog. It really is a life blog - in every sense of the word. It's my life in word and picture. Every once in a while, I like to do a reintroduction here and there (and there too) about myself or about this blog. So today, I thought I'd share with you a little bit of life so far - mostly in pictures (and lots of 'em), but here you go. 

I went to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA and graduated in 2011 with a BS in Biological Sciences with minors in Chemistry and Philosophy (cough, nerd). That is where I met my husband and best friends. I was 18 and we met at this little club and the rest is history.

Our first school dance, April 2008 | Graduation from CLU, May 2011

Paul and I were married on July 23rd, 2011 in Southern California surrounded by family and closest friends. It was a simple wedding, filled with love, laughter, and a lot of dancing. We spent our honeymoon in Orlando at Disney World and The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. Our five year wedding anniversary is this July, yay!

Our wedding day, 23 July 2011

Disney World, July 2011

I went to dental school at the University of California, San Francisco and graduated last year. After years of study, volunteering, shadowing, and standardized test-taking, I finally got my DDS. I am incredibly proud of all I accomplished academically.

Graduation day in San Francisco, June 2015

We found out we were expecting our first child in my third year of dental school. Our darling daughter Emma was born on April 28th, 2014 and is our pride and joy. She is effervescent and just perfect. We are expecting our second child in early August 2016. 

Maternity photos, April 2014 | Emma's birth, April 2014

For my fourteenth birthday, I received my first digital camera. I have been documenting everything ever since. Now I can just carry my phone in my pocket and when I am old and gray, I will look back on these photos and my heart will smile. I like to capture the every day moments and special occasions alike. Of course my favorite subject these days is Emma.

Emma's first day at home, May 2014 | Fourth of July 2014

Emma's first trip to Lake Tahoe, August 2014 | Halloween 2014

Emma's Baptism, 21 December 2014 | Christmas 2014

Valentine's Day 2015 | Easter 2015

Emma's first birthday party, April 2015

Emma's first trip to Disneyland, June 2015 | Fourth of July 2015

Halloween 2015 | The day I found out about #2, December 2015

Christmas 2015 | Valentine's Day 2016

Who else is crying? Just me? Okay. 

Now that we are all up to speed, I look forward to many more memories and I am hoping you will still be here to share them with me.