Weekends are for whatever

Things are starting to feel more, dare I say it, normal here at headquarters.

Whatever normal means anyway.

But between the deathly gag fest that has been my life since the beginning of December and the betrayal of a formerly beloved organ, things have not felt normal in a long while. Life with a toddler can often be anything but normal, but we had our routines, our weekend outings, our family meals, our chores (which I don't hate), and our fun. It was our normal and I was a huge fan.

This weekend was what I would call normal. And I am all smiles again. Well except when someone vomited on the floor after gagging herself with her hand. She has yet to fess up to that crime. What is the toddler sign for "don't look at me"?

On Fri(day), Emma and I did our daytime things. We played, we crafted, we read, we watched some TV, we ate, we napped, and it was a grand old time. We anxiously awaited the arrival of the favorite parent (dadadadadadada). And at about 4pm I got a text. 

Paul: Want to go to Disney Frozen on Ice at Oracle in a suite?
Samantha: YES.

Paul's coworker, aka my new favorite person, offered us a handful of tickets. We invited our neighbors too and we were off. Between two toddlers and four adults, I was definitely the most excited. I sang along with all the songs. Loudly. And proudly.


We had a lazy Saturday morning and I took the longest shower of my life. Mid-morning, Paul went to tennis practice and Emma and I enjoyed the sunshine. Februly is my new favorite month. We took a long walk and she scooted on her new favorite vehicle. I set up the kiddie pool and took far too many photos of her new swim suit (that we are both obsessed with). She splashed, she played, and I enjoyed a cold beverage. 

She had some lunch in a muffin tin (suddenly her foods cannot touch, OR ELSE). After her nap, we played hide and seek. 

OH MY where is the baby? 

After an early and light dinner, we took a gorgeous sunset walk downtown. I consumed the best ice cream cone of 2016 and decided that if dentistry doesn't work out, I would like to own a chain of ice cream stores. I bought a much anticipated cookbook that came out last week and I have been rolling on the floor laughing reading it. Chrissy can write. And she can cook. I would eat ANY of the recipes in the book. Any day. 

After church on Sunday, we did some errands and learned (yet again) that Sunday at 10:45am is the WORST time to go to Trader Joe's. Live and learn. Except we don't learn. So live and wait in long lines. Patience abounding. 

We spent the rest of our Sunday just spending time together. I took another nap and watched the Oscars. I cried when Leo won (much deserved, FINALLY). And the little one did not fight bed time. 

Things are looking normal 'round here. And I am a happy camper.