16 Weeks

I am sincerely hoping that from here on out, things will be much less eventful for this pregnancy. As enjoyable as surgery while was, I think I will not need to experience that particular event again. Mmkaythanks.

So the grand old bump and I are 16 weeks along. The due date is still August 10th, but the avocado has been measuring larger. I had the nuchal translucency screening ultrasound at 13 weeks which gave us some pretty amazing photos of our little one. He/she looks like an alien and he/she is the cutest alien I ever did see.

Well, I am in this weird stage of pregnancy where my clothes are a bit tighter and I have to unbutton that top button, but otherwise I don't need maternity clothes. But I wear 'em anyway. Look at my care. 

However, I am also still healing from the surgery so I had general tummy bloat and swelling for about a week after surgery so the "bump" I thought I was growing was in fact, gas. Today, I have a much better sense of the actual size of my belly bump and it is not that bump-a-licious quite yet. I have a long torso and did not show with Emma until nearly 20 weeks. But because this is my second pregnancy and the body remembers the joys of loose and flabby belly skin, this kid is showing up to the party a little earlier. Even when I try to suck it in.

One of the things that has been the most endearing and heart-melting so far is Emma's reaction to the baby. She has been present for at least four ultrasounds so far and has exclaimed "baby!" each time and then points to my belly. By George, I think she's got it! She is gentle with my belly (for the most part) and constantly tries to lift my shirt up for a glance at the new kid.

Besides the requisite sibling jealously that I expect when bebe #2 pops on the scene, I have a strong feeling that Emma will be an incredibly loving and helpful big sis. D'AWWWWW.

Now it has been difficult to separate the acute appendicitis/surgery/healing from surgery symptoms from the regular pregnancy symptoms but it is getting easier every day. I would say that the first trimester morning sickness (the worst, I hate you) has passed. Yippie! I have noticed that my calorie need is higher and I get hangry/light-headed when I go too long without some good protein. My near fainting spell at Trader Joe's on Sunday was a huge wake up call to EAT SOMETHING (Italian grandmother accent). Mental note: must carry food on my person at all times.

We will be having the anatomy ultrasound in four weeks which is one of my favorite appointments and Paul and I will be finding out whether the peanut is a he or she. I have a very strong feeling already and I am 99% positive, but I will wait to share the news until after the body parts scan. 

16 weeks
How far along: 16 weeks, 1 day. 

Total weight gain: 3 pounds lost (dang surgery).
Maternity clothes: While not necessary, you better believe I am wearing my belly band. 
Stretch marks: None, but lots of scratch marks from the itchiness.
Sleep: My insomnia has been bad. Between trying to get Emma to stay in her bed and the insomnia, I am consistently up between 2-4 hours every night. If you want a 3am chat, hit me up. 
Miss anything: Sleep. And margaritas. And non-virgin bloody marys. 
Movement: The tiniest flutters. I think God helped me feel the baby really early so I wouldn't go crazy after surgery. Not every day, but sometimes.
Food cravings: Food that is horrible for me. Ugh. McDonalds, Dominos, In N Out, ice cream, all of it.
Aversions: Beer breath on Paul (sorry honey) and meat that is not in cheeseburger form.
Sex: I think I know. But we will see.
Symptoms: Insomnia (!!!), itchy belly skin, ever so slight increase in energy, moodiness, nesting, aching back.
Belly button: Swollen from surgery, so who knows.
Wedding rings: Loose.
Happy or moody: Fairly moody, but starting to see the happy light. 
Looking forward to: Feeling stronger kicks and having more energy.

Now that I am feeling a wee bit better, I am going to focus on my nutrition. I have been in the survival eating mode of first trimester nausea and post-surgery angst, so I really need to up my nutrition. Well, as long as that includes In N Out.

Emma update and belly around 16 weeks.