Pregnancy Is Kind Of Weird {4 months!}

Today’s post is a little random. Basically I have a bunch of stuff on my mind and my thoughts are jumping around all over the place. I’ve attributed this mind jumble to the fact that pregnancy is just weird {and stinkin’ beautiful}. 

Why pregnancy is just plain weird:

1 // Today marks 4 months! Holy chocolate starfish batman! I’m simultaneously wondering where the first 4 months went while also wondering when I can hold my precious baby. I want this pregnancy to slow down and speed up at the same time - oy vey

2 // I totally forgot to plan for Halloween. I LOVE dressing up for Halloween but this year, costume planning totally slipped through my fingers. Lame-sauce. It’s not just that I kept putting it off - I really just forgot. Pregnancy brain is a real thing I guess. 

3 // I go from weeping to elated to angry to calm in a span of 5 minutes. What prompted this whirlwind of emotions do you ask? Usually, a commercial for insurance. *Face palm* Poor husband of mine…

4 // I get a little angry when people ask me, “How is the baby doing?”. I think to myself, why not ask how the bloated future mom is doing, huh punk??!??! {completely irrational response, I know}. Instead, I say with a smile, “great, I think!” Damn hormones making me cray-cray. 

5 // On a happier note, I never thought that I could love something this much. I liken it to faith in God. You can’t see this little thing, but your heart swells with complete and mesmerizing awe. 

6 // I really cannot wait until I feel this little thing moving! It’s the first time I’ve ever said to someone, “kick me gosh darn it!" 

7 // Along the same lines, I am really looking forward to having a little bump. {But of course, crazy emotions rear its ugly head again so I also don’t want to look fat haha}. 

Hey you’re kind of wonderful. {This was our little one at 3 months}

This is the weirdest and greatest thing I’ve experienced thus far. I thank God for my supportive and patient husband {without whom I would probably be curled up in a corner in the fetal position sobbing after watching a cheerios commercial}. 

All you moms out there, how do you deal with the emotional and hormonal roller coaster? What are your pregnancy is weird stories?