Life Lately

Happy Sunday everyone! The past two weekends have been really great. Lately, clinic has been especially stressful and I have needed the weekends to reboot and recharge. I absolutely love working with patients and doing dental work, but sometimes certain patients are harder to work with than others and it can be exhausting and emotionally taxing. 

On the brighter side of things, I am grateful that I am beginning to feel like myself again! My first trimester was terribly rough. Between throwing up, extreme nausea, and having no appetite, I lost quite a few pounds and I constantly felt just plain blah. Now, I am almost 16 weeks along {on Tuesday by my estimates} - that’s 4 whole months pregnant! I have more energy and a definite increase in appetite, especially for my favorite foods, yay! 

Last weekend, my dad came out to visit us for his birthday. We got to spend some good quality time together doing what we love most - talking and eating. 

This weekend Paul and I have been spending some valuable married time together. We ate at this local fish place, walked around some fun San Francisco neighborhoods, and grabbed some late night Starbucks. 

I am one lucky lady.